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"every day with u is so utterly purrfect!!!!!!!!"

4teen, she/they/he transfemme puppetgirlthing, FR/ENG

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homestuck, hiveswap, dnd, fanfiction, writing, cosplaying, kandi, corpse party, paranoiac, project sekai, d4dj, my little pony, knitting, sewing, crocheting, five nights at freddy's, vast error, karkat goes to a convention, various other mspfas, roblox, skyrim, minecraft, the walking dead telltale games series, making fantrolls, gyaru, mcbling, vkei, decora kei, menhera-chan, snario, gloomy bear, collecting things, entomology, poety, spoken word, video essays, puppets and inanimate objects, the internet, roleplaying, friday night funkin, guidestuck, resident evil, world of warcraft, ventriloquism and puppeerting, clowns and circuses, jesters and harlequins


simple plan, blink-182, my chemical romance, outkast, 100 gecs, alice gas, kmfdm, system of a down, snot, less than jake, lagwagon, the offspring, sublime, reel big fish, pulley, nofx,bad astronaut, nfaa, propagandhi, bad religion, me first and the gimme gimmies, mxpx, linkin park, open mike eagle, nwa, eazy e, foo fighters, silverstein, kimya dawson, the crane wives, korn, limp bizkit, rage against the machine, that kid, daft punk, la femmes, skinless, lmfao, weezer, broadway karkat, green day, lady gaga, creed, tupac, boogie down productions, ice cube, MF DOOM, lil uzi vert, playboi cardi


ghost dad, face/off, click, big daddy, waterboy, superbad, juno, 2012, failure to launch, back to the future, mean girls, legally blonde, white chicks, the saw movies, the scream movies, the texas chainsaw massacre movies, terminator, alien, ghost rider, dune, zombieland, fight club, us, pulp fiction, the lego movie, the lego batman, the silence of the lambs, pet semetary, jaws, zoolander, charlie's angels, scary movie, american psycho, men in black, the mask, spawn, superman II, ferris bueller's day off, the john wick movies, the wolf of wall street, the dairy of a wimpy kid movies, ghostbusters, 21 jump streetm ted, scott pilgrim vs. the world, the 40-year-old virgin, the muppet movies


beavis and butthead, spongebob, the amazing world of guumball, making fiends, my little pony, the pacman series, the walking dead, z nation, black summer, breaking bad, bread barbershop, bear in the big blue house, big comfy couch, when they cry, bungou stray dogs, mob psycho, watamote, community, superstore, sonic boom, pokémon



my older brothers dirk and junip ::::)

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About me:

hiiiiiiii! my name is weef but i also go by jazmin, callie or briska. with a b!!!!!!!! i'm an amateur when it comes to a lot of things... amateur artist, amateur cosplayer, writer, music producer, knitter, collector... all sorts of things!!! i'm 14 years old, estj +3w4, chaotic evil, puppykin + puppetkin/dollkind, and speak both english and french. im the host of an osdd system, too!!!! im really into a whole lot of things and i live everyday like its 2015-2018 again :3 one of my other accounts (half a rp account and half an alter account) was the pinnochiosVices cal strider guidestuck account, so you might recognize me from there!!! this is my main account since im the host :2

Who I'd like to meet:

dni: proship/comship/profic/anti-anti whatever other terms apply here... basic dni criteria, cringe culture enforcers, endogenic systems, nsfw, jegbert gender discourse/june egbert discourse, anti therian/furry/otherkin, anti xenogender or anti neopronoun interact: people who share similar interests or hobbies, irls, fictkins or people who use coping links, other systems!!! if the dni doesnt apply, amyone can interact :3

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*sticks to your side like a gross piece of gum*

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*plucks u up, chews u, and 8lows a 8IGGG 8ec noir shaped 8u88legum 8u88le*

by weef; ; Report

*pops and creates a big licorice flavored explosion*

by Nan; ; Report

roxie <33!!

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:33 < thank mew fur the add!!!! ur very cool!!!!!!!!

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=^w^= ( THANKS FOR THE ADD!! )

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thx for the add dude :3 v radical layout

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very nice profile enjoyed thoroughly

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