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"i'm a stitch away from making it"

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beginner crocheter, cd collector and always, always writing music - pianist in private, bassist in a band, currently the vocalist for an accidental guns 'n' roses tribute band!


fall out boy / queen / early panic! at the disco / the struts / greta van fleet / the happy fits / royal blood / sports team / the smashing pumpkins / cassyette / the wombats / cardinal black / calva louise / guns 'n' roses / twenty one pilots / my chemical romance / paramore / tai verdes / foo fighters / taking back sunday / bad omens / des rocs / dylan / the academy is... / muse


the youngblood chronicles


2000's mtv, gilmore girls for the winter blues, dance moms for the bad news


the pages of my own journals - i talk like i'm famous, it's quite pretentious


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About me:

hello!!! welcome to my diary!!! using spacehey in a petewentz livejournal rambling coping mechanism way. it's cheaper than therapy and i need the validation that my so-called poetry means something in the grand scheme of things other than just the pages of my notebook.

Who I'd like to meet:

insomniac by day, critter by night. save rock and roll and all that. this is literally my RAWRing 20s. oh, where art thou MY patrick stumph? i'd love to meet any fellow poetry writers or emo nerds!! using this as an escapism because i never lived through the myspace era :]

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hey... thanks for the add

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You have a cool profile!

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i have literally peaked at life with a taxidermic fox commenting on my spacehey, so cool to meet you dude!!

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f3ral_gh0st X__X

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thanks 4 the add i like ur layout :]

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ayyy nice to met uuuu ^_^ the vibe of your profile is like a window into the 2000s, so congrats!!

by tally!!; ; Report

thank u :D

by f3ral_gh0st X__X; ; Report


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Thanks so much for the add! Love ur profile!!

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ah!! your space theme is so dope, dude!!

by tally!!; ; Report


by StarGayzer; ; Report


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Amazing profile! And writing!!! Thank you so much for the friend request, you seem rlly cool :D

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RAHHHH your words have literally inspired me to start using spacehey again, so thank YOU :D

by tally!!; ; Report

That is the best compliment ever, you're amazing

by finnfuckingtastic; ; Report

britt (^_<)

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thanks for the add !!! ur so cool ^_^

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ee tysm!! so are you! ive never heard of the mitchells vs the machines, so im gonna give it a watch!

by tally!!; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add, Tally, nice page! I was trying to determine if that was Weezer at the top of your page?

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ahah, close! it's a bad quality gif of fall out boy, patrick has been mistaken for rivers before!

by tally!!; ; Report

nae ☆

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thx 4 the add cool pfp <33

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STOP your page is a y2k DREAM i want to live there

by tally!!; ; Report


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thx 4 the add :3

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you're welcome! you've got a dope cd collection!! bullets is on my rob list >:3

by tally!!; ; Report

omgg thank u!!

by sistertosleep; ; Report

sincere engineer

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Hi!!! thank you as well! :)
and thank you for listening!!!

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STOP i’ve just seen you’re performing at slam dunk festival!!!! if there’s no clashes i am definitely going to see your set!!!!

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Thanks for the add, check out my Music sometime= https://soundcloud.com/jimmyjofficial

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will do dude, i'll keep you updated on what i think :]

by tally!!; ; Report


by -JimmyJ-; ; Report

Max / Ross !!

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tysm for the add!! you seem super cool

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eee thank you!! i love your the cure layout, i should really listen to more than just the hits what a crime >.< any recs!!

by tally!!; ; Report

hmmm, well definitely listen to their album Disintegration and Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me! they're a couple of my favorites, or if you want to, definitely try to listen to their album Pornography!

by Max / Ross !!; ; Report

sweet!!! thank you, i know what my evening playlist looks like :D

by tally!!; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! Fun fact, our guitarist is also a crocheter and songwriter :D I hope you will like some of our songs - keep up the good stuff!

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hehe thank you!! the same goes for you guys, i can't wait to see what else you've got in store!! i'm really liking the tracks work and as one so far :D

by tally!!; ; Report

Thank you, glad to know <3

by MIY; ; Report


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I luv ur profile!!!!!!!!!!

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AW ur layout is so funky too!!! give me all them blinkies >:3

by tally!!; ; Report


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thx for adding back, youre so cool!! (☆ω☆)

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hehe thank you!!! so do YOU omg so much new music to listen to looking at your profile!!! any recs?

by tally!!; ; Report

id recommend any of the bands/artists on my profile, they're my current favs :))

by sacrifice𖤐; ; Report


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HI TYSM FOR THE ADD!!! U seem so coolll

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eeee thank you!! so do you!! studio ghibli films have my heart <3

by tally!!; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.


We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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ur so wacky mr alex

by tally!!; ; Report


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ty for the add ur page is rlly cool :DD

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eee thank youu!! trying to find the coolest blinkies for my page is like catching pokemon though D:

by tally!!; ; Report

ive been using this blog to find some !! https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=628448

by Chiggle_; ; Report

AHH i owe you dude!! tysm!

by tally!!; ; Report

np!! :))

by Chiggle_; ; Report


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THANK YOU FOR THE ADD BACK!! you and your profile are SOSO cool!! <3

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stop you're too nice :D what do we think of the newest fall out boy album!!

by tally!!; ; Report

we think that it is perfect and there is zero skips (and that the best track is hold me like a grudge)

by LEONA / SPENCER ^_^; ; Report

AHHHH my spotify stats are gonna be wack i've had it on repeat so bad

by tally!!; ; Report

MINE TOO on my last.fm my top artist (7 weeks) is fob with 343 scrobbles and my number two artist only has 16

by LEONA / SPENCER ^_^; ; Report

that is scarily impressive PAHAHAHA i love that

by tally!!; ; Report


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thanks for the add !! :]

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hey! no worries! you seem like a rad dude! :D

by tally!!; ; Report