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I like to draw, I like writing also, I've been writing this story called the identity over quarantine. Maybe I'll post about it on my blog or something. Lmk if your interested! Fandoms I'm hyperfixated on right now is My chemical romance, The Walten Files (ish), Scream, and The Dark Crystal! Fandoms I have been in or obsessed with is FNAF (I still love FNAF just not a obsessed as I used to,) Undertale, Bendy and the ink machine, Cuphead, Eddsworld, Baldi's Basics, Supernatural, Stranger Things, Animal Crossing, and probably more that I can't remember lol!


Mcr, insane clown posse, ayesha erotica (i dont support her i just like her music,) big time rush ;), Rob Zombie, Lemon Demon, Jack Stauber


Scream, Labrynth, Lost Boys, Hellboy, Harry Potter, The Dark Crystal.


Buffy, Avatar, The Dark Crystal; Age Of Resistance, The Tick (The animated series)


Dork Diary, monster high, I haven't read in ages though lol


My paladin Hup

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About me:

Hai! My name is Worm but u can also call me Bugs! :] I'm like to say i'm pretty cool LOLZ but yeaa if u wanna talk DM mee!! im so lonely T0T

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd love to meet alternative people! That would be hella swag! I don't really know who else, maybe people who like to draw? I dunno, also people who are comfy with me following their tiktok or other socials! Kandi kids, also scene/emo kids! But yeah pretty much it! :]

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Perty The Virtual Singer

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💕 💞

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Perty The Virtual Singer

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💖 ✨

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Your page looks great!! haha, anyways, jus wanted to say you seem really cool. I also love writing. you should join my writing group :] I'm constantly looking for new members who would like to join it.

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I'll probably join honestly lol! Tysm!! I just commented on your profile too! lmao

by Worm(They/It); ; Report

Looks like we were both excited haha, but yeah, def IM if you want the link!!

by zombiizenny; ; Report

Got it! :]

by Worm(They/It); ; Report

hey, lonely planet

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HI! Thanks for adding! We make music that we think maybe u might be into based on some of what u say u listen to! if u could check us out we’d rly appreciate it cause we got loads of new stuff coming! Sry for this annoying self promo lol

Our Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5aiZVDnG9CZNhLj4VwjEN6?si=NohviihmQaSf3_i4qH5NoA

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Of course! I'll listen to it:>!!

by Worm(They/It); ; Report

Of course! I'll listen to it:>!!

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hullo wormb!

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Hello betie

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