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my main interests are as follows:

  • coding/computer science
  • space
  • computers as a whole
  • fps games
  • slice of life animes, the most notable one being lucky star (らき☆すた), and watamote
  • mario kart games
  • mario party games
  • video essays about the internet/historical events
  • sanrio (mainly kuromi)
  • forests
  • foxes (super obsessed with them)


i'm into a whole bunch of music genres. a few examples are:

  • speedcore
  • glitchcore
  • glitchbreak
  • chill breakcore

if you wish, you can check out my spotify playlist and have a look for yourself. maybe you might find a song that you like.


i don't watch movies a lot, but one of my favorites is the super mario bros. movie. pretty good. 10/10


mainly just slice of life animes, though i will watch some other various animes that i like as well.


haven't read any as of recent, though i've always cherished the amulet series from how much i used to read it when i was younger.


none that i can think of.

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About me:

hi. i'm moon.

i'm a 19 y/o otaku non-binary neurodivergent brazilian furry. my pronouns are mainly she/they, however i tend to use neopronouns as well on occasion. i also use various xenogenders as well, for that little "omg this is so me" thing.

i mainly lurk on social media and the internet as a whole, trying to find all the various things that pique at any of my interests.

you can mainly find me active on this site, and if you so wish, you may add me on here, and also here as well.

english/portuguese is OK.

if you wish to contact me on discord, my tag is vulpiaa.

also, if you wish to add me on nintendo switch, my friend code is 3923-0077-4415. i'll accept anyone's request. <3

also (2), join my lucky star group if you're interested in lucky star. ty.


What Dere Type Are You?
What Dere Type Are You?
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Who I'd like to meet:

konata izumi mainly, along with fluttershy from mlp, hatsune miku, kuromi, and a few others

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Cool page!

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konata izumi approved :p

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