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"No one's allowed to look at me while I'm making art"

(。•ˇ‸ˇ•。) 18y/o ✧ any pronouns ✧ timezone: EST ✧

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[❥. Layout by: Bela °˖✧⫷ °⧭° ⫸✧˖° ( ✉ ] ˖✧Frankenstein-ed three of 'em together✧˖


Music: Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Laufey, Corpse, Takayan, Eve, Mitski, Sodikken, Doja Cat, KIRA, Flo Milli, George Salazar, Zach Callison, Lemon Demon, Toby Fox, Jack Stauber, Girl in Red


Movies: Princess and the Frog, Monster High, Encanto, Howl's Moving Castle, Moana, Invader Zim: Into the Florpus, Annie (2014), Spiderverse, Bubble, Shrek..all of them


Televison: Bee and Puppycat, ROTTMNT, LEGO: Monkie Kid, So Not Worth It, Bluey, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, OHSHC, Blue Period, Sk8 the Infinity, Princess Jellyfish, Sasaki and Miyano, My Dress Up Darling, Owl House, Invader Zim, Voltron, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur


Books: Sherlock Holmes, Heaven Official's Blessing, The Grandmaster of Demon Cultivation, The Scum Villain's Self-serving System, Homestuck, Toilet Bound Hanako, The Two Lions, Daybreak


Heros: That Deadpool guy is pretty sweet

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About Me: silly lil alt to be a lil silly..aka talk about some mental stuff. I'm still bad at intros, so double word dump...yippee! The 'tism still has it's grasp on me and so does my dissociation (ye 'ol standard dissociation 'n osddquestionmark). I still absoultely hate uppercase letters when I'm typing casually on my desktop..uppercase letters are most certainly for nerds, (dis)respectfully. I also don't really want to interact with people younger than 17 and older than like 22, for comfort reasons (doesn't apply to people added before this intro). I'm finding a new hexcode...searchiiiing..found! The hexcode for medium slate blue is #7b68ee..which you also needed to know for less science specific reasons

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Who I'd like to meet: ???

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