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The song that I'm obsessed with this week/month: 'Yummy' by Ayesha Erotica right now. (No wonder, because my autoplay is that song lmao)


candy bounce


I literally spent a Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, finishing the anime Bungou stray dogs because I always told myself that I was going to finish it and never did. Then like months later I remember it and realized I forgot everything that happened so I had to start from the begging. But it's definitely a good show. I recommend it for someone who likes the anime 'The Case Study Of Vanitas'. My fav characters from bsd are Dazai, Chuuya, Sigma, and Techou. But I feel like I only like Sigma because the dub voice for him is so hot low key BUT (Why do I talk so much omg) I also love his hair, like how its so long in the back...UGH I love it. And some others i love: Cant find one find one for Kamisama Kiss so im gonna have to make one in the future <3


Books? Who reads books? jk. Because i do <3 My favorite book that i've read recently is '2am Thoughts' by Makenzie Campbel. I love it because I feel that I can relate to it the most :) Summary of the book (according to 2:00 am This modern poetry book is an exploration of love, heartache, relationships, loss, finding one's self, and learning to love the life you've been given. 2am Thoughts is a poetry book similar to some titles such as milk and honey by Rupi Kaur and Buried Light by Beau Taplin.Nov 12, 2017


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Azie Bug ❁ཻུΫͺΫͺβ™‘

Azie Bug ❁ཻུΫͺΫͺβ™‘ 's profile picture

thanx 4 the add!! luv ur page<3

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Of course!! Thank you so much! I look at your page again and Its so cute!

by Veronica Malanotte; ; Report


teddiee<33's profile picture

the full rebrand goes crazyy i love it

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Lmao! thank you. I wasnt vibing with the other layout I had so i decided to just re-do the whole thing. Glad you like it though <3

by Veronica Malanotte; ; Report


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tysm for the add dearie! you are so kind

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Thank you so much!!! Your so kind!

by Veronica Malanotte; ; Report

♀ venus ♀

♀ venus ♀'s profile picture

Thank you for the add β™‘! I love your page, and love for Aphrodite/mythology so much! Have a lovely day β™‘β™‘β™‘

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Omg! Thanks for adding me back! I'm gonna make more and more Greek mythology 'lessons' if you where wondering! I glad you like the Aphrodite one, shes my favorite greek goddess. Anyways, thanks so much! <3

by Veronica Malanotte; ; Report

At my altar, I have special spots for Aphrodite and Hades! They are both my favorites, always have been drawn to both ever since I was little, especially Hades (being a Pluto dom person I guess that's just how it instinctively goes)! I'm very excited to read your post about him! Take your time making them <3 it can be a lot of work!

by ♀ venus ♀; ; Report

I'm so glad to have met you! You seem so nice as well! You gave me the motivation to do the Lessons that I missed and one of them is Hades! So, I hope you like it. I hope your doing well! <3

by Veronica Malanotte; ; Report


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Lovely taste <3

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Thank you so much! I love your profile too! It’s very cool and uniqueβ˜†

by Veronica Malanotte; ; Report

Christopher ^_^

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Cute ahh profile :3

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Aww thanks bae <3

by Veronica Malanotte; ; Report