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"trying to make this thing look good AGAIN"

20 y/o argentinian cyber baby ⛧ spa/eng ⛧ PFP is me !!

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art. taxidermy. vulture culture. oddities. music. indie games. weird shit. antique everything. nature. death. religious imagery. occultism. horror. analog stuff. body mods. otomes. manga. DIY culture. plants. cemeteries. true crime.


this is gonna be long af, sorry. nine inch nails. mr bungle. faith no more. acid bath. bauhaus. ethel cain. david bowie. the smiths. sarcΓ³fago. blur. misfits. ramones. HIM. iggy pop. type o negative. mayhem. ghost. sonic youth. burzum. social distortion. bad omens. marilyn manson. enter shikari. hole. alice in chains. spiritbox. swans. placebo. black flag. koRn. aphex twin. deftones. KMFDM. patti smith. tomahawk. bikini kill. BONES. pierce the veil. evanescence. arca. ayesha erotica. jazmin bean. bring me the horizon. nenagenix. king krule. lucifer. mazzy star. pulp. pj harvey. $uicideboy$. crystal castles. sisters of mercy. joy division. ministry. tori amos. the cure. beck. grimes. cocteau twins. bjΓΆrk. lorna shore. suicide silence. darkthrone. MF DOOM. the garden. dillom. black midi. slipknot. bad brains. nick cave & the bad seeds. DEVILOOF. chelsea grin. jack off jill. the birthday party. butthole surfers. gorillaz. black sabbath. turbonegro. derketa. pixies. socorro. candlemass. turnstile. coven. wicca phase springs eternal. sumo. boards of canada. tweaker. fiona apple. skinny puppy. descendents. death. nicole dollanganger. crass. CKY. polkadot cadaver. OFF!. los brujos. dead kennedys. soulwax. linkin park. the birthday massacre. emilie autumn. genitorturers. chasing victory. NVLO. carnifex. cradle of filth. epica. lifelover. lush. eyehategod. fistula. electric wizard. cynic. grΓΆtΓΌs. nailbomb. pavement. suicidal tendencies. elliott smith. brainbombs. radiohead. big boys. john maus. machine girl. slater. unwound. panchiko. twin temple. my chemical romance. paris texas. alex g. le tigre. death grips. the b-52's. kittie. manic street preachers. strawberry switchblade. jeff buckley. peter gabriel. my bloody valentine. the dresden dolls. subvision. virus. siouxsie and the banshees. veruca salt. fugazi. the smashing pumpkins. liz phair. lalleshwari. venom. mercyful fate. king diamond. slayer. pantera. tv girl. danzig. morbid. specimen. psychonaut 4. shining. tormentor. horcas. bathory. pungent stench. pentagram. the beatles. rasputina. teenage fanclub. estratosfera. happy mondays. the tear garden. a tribe called quest. faetooth. triptykon. astarte. youth code. penelope scott. the stooges. bloodhound gang. sky ferreira. sopor aeternus. dead boys. peaches. avatar. she wants revenge. angelspit. candlemass. puzzle. enjoy. slowdive. the ILY's. xavier wulf. failure. slater. rob zombie. bratmobile. rammstein. the stone roses. insane clown posse. she past away. my life with the thrill kill kult. surrenderdorothy. teen suicide. the neighbourhood. prayers. public enemy. repugnant. peeping tom. architects. lush.


the crow. scream. before sunrise. house of 1000 corpses. only lovers left alive. serial mom. hackers. terrifier. when harry met sally. lake mungo. ginger snaps. evil dead. 10 things i hate about you. dracula. it's either really cheesy romcoms or super gory horror movies.


mostly mtv/adult swim/cartoon network cartoons. eternally obsessed with serena from mtv's downtown. sitcoms like it's always sunny, seinfeld, etc. series like fleabag. really really shitty reality tv. i recently got into anime again after years of not watching any.


my favorite authors are charles baudelaire, idea vilariΓ±o, charles bukowski, edgar allan poe and eduardo orenstein. i also really like ed wood, nick cave, mariana enriquez, e. e. cummings, mariano blatt, roland barthes, poldy bird, julio cortΓ‘zar, tim burton, paul auster and oscar wilde.


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About me:

gloomy creature from argentina. you can call me iru or venus. used to be diabolikal venus on this website a few years ago. she/her pronouns. writer. artist. collector. laveyan satanist. a haunted house in the form of a girl. i collect dead bugs, bones, cassette tapes, vinyl records, cds, antique dolls, crystals, books. in case you were wondering, i preserve such bugs myself. i also record home videos of the people i love with a 2008 handycam. check my links at the end of my profile!

Who I'd like to meet:

really cool weirdos. cute nerdy sweethearts. dead poets. anything in between. if you add me on instagram, tumblr or spotify PLEASE tell me you come from spacehey so i add you back! β‹†β­’Λš.⋆

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Vanity Prevents Love

Vanity Prevents Love's profile picture

Wow! Your profile is so amazing!! Thank you for connecting!

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gary / nathan ✧

gary / nathan ✧'s profile picture

chulada d perfil!!

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Kaito!!'s profile picture

eres muy cool γƒΎ(≧ β–½ ≦)ゝ

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Zach Attack!

Zach Attack!'s profile picture

Holy shit your profile is awesome

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Thank you :) the doom slayer is so me I AM him

by Zach Attack!; ; Report

Κ••Μα΄₯•Μ€Κ”っKIMβœ§Λ–° β™‘

Κ••Μα΄₯•Μ€Κ”っKIMβœ§Λ–° β™‘'s profile picture

thanks for accepting me pretty <333

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yuukaii's profile picture


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Brandon's profile picture

I want to get my cat taxidermy when she passes away. She is so fluffy and beautiful and has been so nice to me over the years. Everyone calls me weird for wanting that.

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Gabriel's profile picture

hola nena un beso desde el otro lado de la frontera, saludos desde Chile! muy cool tu perfil y foto

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Chiggle_'s profile picture

siiick profile u seem awesome :P thx for the add!!

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M A L I A's profile picture

Love your profile :)

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UNDEAD's profile picture

Welcome & thanks ^_^ I love yours too

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Bhanu's profile picture

Thanks for the accept!! Wow!!! When Harry Met Sally & 10 things I hate about you they are my absolute favs!!!! :)

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CheebyCheebs's profile picture

Thanks for the add back, your music taste is pretty fantastic yourself! I see a lot of artists that I failed to mention in my list lol

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SQ✩'s profile picture

i love your page. not enough people talk about serial mom !!

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SADGURL™'s profile picture

Np love πŸ–€πŸ₯€πŸ•Έ

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Roran's profile picture

very cool!!! love jeff buckley

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rabelkov's profile picture

me gusta tu perfil

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gracias bb (⁠q⁠ο½₯⁠ω⁠ο½₯⁠q⁠)⁠ノ⁠♑

by 𝔳𝔒𝔫𝔲𝔰 🜏 𝔱𝔯𝔦𝔰𝔱𝔒; ; Report


vexy.pics's profile picture

Amo tu estiloooo. We should be friends!<3

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aioi_aoi's profile picture

Tan linda q eres, tkπŸ’—

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Violent Faces

Violent Faces's profile picture

Β‘Hola! Gracias por agregar nos, mucho gusto!

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holaa gracias a uds ✧˚ ༘ β‹†ο½‘β™‘Λš

by 𝔳𝔒𝔫𝔲𝔰 🜏 𝔱𝔯𝔦𝔰𝔱𝔒; ; Report