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"sleeping in my dreams"

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‧₊˚❀༉‧₊˚.I love the game omori! But I also like rhythm, rpgs, fps games and sandbox games! (Pjsk, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Pokemon, Minecraft) ❀ Stargazing and astronomy I enjoy!!! Stories and mythology of constellations I love learning and am willing to tell you all about! ❀ lore and theory!!!‧❀ I'm also a guitarist, keyboardist, and violinist learning to play the omori soundtrack woah (,,•o•,,)‧₊˚❀༉‧₊˚.


~Favourites: By your side - Omori, Final duet - Omori, It means everything- Omori, A home for flowers - Omori, My time - Omori (bo en), Mari boss battle theme - Omori, ~Other favourites: Title - Omori, WHITE SPACE - Omori, Lost at sleepover - Omori, Spaces in - between - Omori, By your side - Omori, Let’s get together now! - Omori, 100 Sunny - Omori, Trouble brewing - Omori, Push & Shove - Omori, So, how we’d do? - Omori, It’s okay to try again… - Omori, Trees… - Omori, A home for flowers(tulips) - Omori, Acrophobia - Omori, Tussle among trees - Omori, A place by a lake - Omori, Forest Chillin’ - Omori, Poems in the Fog - Omori, Space road 1979 - Omori, See in your fantasy - Omori, Sugar Star Planetarium - Omori, Lost, Then Found!, THE VENGEANCE OF THOSE FORGOTTEN IN DARKNESS, Recycling Is A Concept!, Lovesick - 80,000 Lightyears, I Will Catch Up! , Three Bar Logos , YO DJ PUMP THIS PARTY, Good For Health, Bad for Imagination, Snow Forest - A Single Flower Blooms, White Surf Style 6, Stardust Diving, Oh My God., A Rose By Any Other Name..., Stardust Dusting, CHAOS ASSEMBLY, The Elegance of the Mysterious and Distant, Space Boyfriend's Tape - I Want Nothing More, Trouble - NEVER/ALWAYS, You Were Wrong. Go Back., Such A Time We Had Together, Photograph, Finding Shapes in the Clouds, Where We Used To Play, Bargain Bin Boys, Woof, Realistic Space Simulation, Jash Bash, Jash Bash 2: New Age of Heroes, Jash Bash 3: Jashpocalypse Infinity, Clash of Jash, Take A Load Off, I Prefer My Pizza 90% Grease, Fresh...ish..., High Fructose Headache, I Think My Dad Shops Here , Just Leave Me Alone, Cram It Wad, Respite, It Means Everything., See You Tomorrow, A Home For Flowers (Empty), Help Me, Arachnophobia, Something Alone, Fade, The Heart of the Desert, Puddles, PRANKED., An Archaeic Resonance, 'X' Marks The Spot!, Those Who Forget History, Tumbleweeds, Pyrefly Forest - Cat's Cradle, Forest Frenzy, Sweet Paralysis, Sweetheart's Quest for Hearts, How...sad!, How...tragic!, Eternal Dungeon, Splintered Sweets In The Castle, Wandering Rose, Stationary Rose, Valour Against All Odds, I Definitely Promised You A Rose Garden, World's End Valentine, I Just Love The 50s!!!, Lost LibraryBookcase, PThrifted, Tchotchkes, Swirly 1000x, Dear Little Brother..., Thalassophobia, Water, Hanging With The Boys, WHITE SPACE, Origin, Long Way Down..., The Last Resort, Not-So-Empty-House, It's A Ghost Dance, Room for 4, Gator Gambol, Clams Clams Clams, Jawbreaker, GOLDENVENGEANCE, Underwater Highway Squall, Aquifer, Numbers, Sinking, H20:HCL, Chemistry On and On, But I Wanna See It All With You!, Grimey, Underwater Prom Queens, Whale Whale Whale, Swallow Hollow, Gross..., That One Song But It's Some Mermaids, Undertow, WHITE SPACE, Fermentation Disorientation, Flouring With You, BREADY STEADY GO, Recycling Really Is A Concept, Remember To Be Patient, Cold!, You Cannot Go Back, Tee-hee Time, Welcome Again., Fleur, Distance, Drone, Calm, Glade, 56-12-2, Bloom, August/Water, 5ths, Waiting For..., Nawa, White Pillars, Come and See, Friends., Friendsssssss., Orchard, Temple, Look, Bad Morning, Listening, A Red Shape, Do You Remember?, Playing Forever, Treehouse - Here We Are, Together Again, Save, Something, A Home For Flowers (Daisy), Remina, Normal., Your Catastrophes, Your Catastrophes - Procession, Crossroads, The Violin, A Home For Flowers (Sunflower), You Must Carry On., Remembrance., OMORI, OMORI - ALTER, Try Again Little Brother, Persevere, DUET, Gone, Wake Up, Clean Slate, The Truth, Good Morning, My Time, Fin ~Yes that was the whole Omori soundtrack.... ~If you read the whole thing, I'm so sorry and I'm proud of you! I also like other artists yes!!


Ride your wave❀ All Spiderman movies❀ most marvel movies❀ Hunger games❀ Coraline❀


Infinity Train❀ The Owl House❀ Amphibia❀ Only Murders In the Building❀ adventure time❀ tokyo revengers❀ Haikyu!!❀ bluelock❀ sk8 the infinity❀ alien stage❀


~Blue Box❀ The Summer You Were There❀ Honey Lemon Soda❀ The Tunnel to Summer The Exit of Goodbyes❀ horimiya❀ tokyo revengers❀ tbhk❀ Goodbye my Rose Garden❀ ~ Remnants of Filth❀ The Hunger Games❀ All Rick Riordan series❀ Harry Potter❀ AGGGTM❀ Flowerheart❀ ~ The Blood of the Butterfly❀ Cherry Crush❀ Night Owls & Summer Skies❀ Seasons of blossom❀ School bus graveyard❀ Homesick❀ Lovestuck❀ Nevermore❀ Cadenza❀ Omori.❀ ♡♡♡ Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure and Dystopian Fiction ♡♡♡


Hero from omori?!?!?!?!

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ABOUT ME?!!??! oh no I don't know what else to put. I'll figure that out later..... Any pronouns!

credit Knife

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anyone! feel free to dm me about anything!!

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Awesome page!

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Love your layout!!!! Fellow auby appreciator :D

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yes auby !!! ♡⸜(˶˃ ᵕ ˂˶)⸝♡

by vee; ; Report


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sick omori layout!

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( ˶ˆᗜˆ˵ )

by vee; ; Report

⛧ SEIF — ⸸

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guys i think this person likes omori,,, could be wrong tho!

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I think I just think perhaps.. this person MIGHT (just a theory) JUST MIGHT like omori. That’s a really big guess though

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