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"daddy i’ll be honest kittens ab to kill himself /ref"

uk | bloodsucking freak | he/vamp

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Normal human interests !!!!!!!! ⭑ vampires (special interest) ⭑, ⭑ fear and hunger ⭑, reading, blood, ghost stories, the paranormal, hellenic polytheism (my relig), catholicism, goth subcultures (esp vampire goth), the arcana, writing, the sims 4, slashers, knives, criminology, sociology, photography, outlast, victorian era, ancient greek history, queer ancient history, photography, discussions on sexuality and gender identity, intersectional feminism, political ideology, social structures, angelology, incubus/succubus/concubus demonology, beliefs on the afterlife or lack of.


Normal human music !!!!!!!! ⭑ she wants revenge (fave)⭑, type o negative, lebanon hanover, lana del rey, crystal castles, depeche mode, nine inch nails, grimes, nelly furtado, kesha, lady gaga, marina, tv girl, sohodolls, destroy boys, childish gambino, hole, this cold night, rosetta stone, night club


Normal human movies !!!!!!!! interview with the vampire, what we do in the shadows 2014, bullet train, alice in wonderland, the princess and the frog, hotel transylvania, corpse bride, the little vampire, heathers, renfield


Normal human television !!!!!!!! ⭑ what we do in the shadows 2019 ⭑, ⭑ fleabag ⭑, midnight mass, peep show, the office, stranger things, white gold, sx education


Normal human books !!!!!!!! ⭑ the picture of dorian gray (hyperfix) ⭑, the vampyre, dracula, frankenstein or the modern prometheus, the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, interview with the vampire, the passenger, the song of achilles, out of the blue... the old testament (hangs head in shame)


uhm.......... dracula...?

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About me:

valentine/rose/etc 18(00)yo he/vamp queer, human male. of human origin.

i like human foods such as "garlic" and "holy water" and human activities such as "long walks on the beach" (durign the day!!!!!!!)

i am religious (though no crucifixes for me. for normal, human reasons)!!!! i am a hellenic polytheist, devoted to eros. religion is one of the very few things i take seriously


What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?

Who I'd like to meet:

normal human people who would like to be invited to my nonsuspicious totally ordinary castle NOT to get their blood drank haha thatd be crazy hhahahhahaahagahaha

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Victoria ☆

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KEWL LAYOUT !!! You seem like a kewl vampire... ‍♂️">‍♂️">‍♂️"> thx for accepting my add!!!

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Shay's profile picture

hihi!! thx for the add! I'm so in luv with your profile... so pretty <3

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FANG YOU! 🦇 and you’re so welcome … i am so in love with funger rn

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report

Cece Boba

Cece Boba's profile picture

waow dude this profile is so human...

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Fang you I am so Hunan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report


Jassu's profile picture

Thank you for accepting! Love your whole profile ^^

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youre welcome and fang you 🦇!! same to you!!

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report


Lyrai✭'s profile picture

enjoy the silence is one of the greatest songs ever made istg!!! (also ty! for adding me back you seem really cool :P)

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totally agree!!!! LOVE depeche mode… and you’re welcome, you too!!!

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report

i wish i could see them live at lest once 3

by Lyrai✭; ; Report


˚ʚ♡ɞ˚'s profile picture

thank u for adding me back!! u seem so cool

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ur so welcome and u too!!! love ur profile!!!!

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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ur welcome!! will totally check out ur website sometime soon!!

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report

Don't wait too long, I'm OLD !!!

by Wacky Alex; ; Report

xonosaur (alix)

xonosaur (alix)'s profile picture

vampires are cool

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ur so right. vampires at stonewall

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report


oliviahydell's profile picture

hii thanks for the add! rlly love ur blog style :D

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HIII AND U TOO!!!! ur blog looks so cool bro…… omfg

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report


spidey's profile picture

oh em gee you are so so silly and so so cool!! thank u for the add i absolutely adore ur profile :D

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OMGG THANK YOU AND YOU TOO! i adore your theme and your music taste is peak

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report

EEEK! OFC <33 and thank uuu /|㇏^•ᵥᵥ•^ノ|\

by spidey; ; Report

·:༺ ♱june♱ ༻:·

·:༺ ♱june♱ ༻:·'s profile picture

heyyyy baby hiiii pretty boy hey hi hi my love

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haha heeeeyyy come here often haha x (leans on mansion wall)

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report


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h h h h hi

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report

kills you instantly with my werewolf powers

by ladybug; ; Report

dodges with my vampire powers

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report

WHAT!!!! not fair werewolves are soooooooooo much more powerful actually

by ladybug; ; Report

uhm….. incorrect …… wishful thinking much?

by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report

its ok for vampires to be weak and little compared to us!! no need to feel self conscious <3

by ladybug; ; Report


by valentine ( ´ཀ` ); ; Report

you wish you went awoo.

by ladybug; ; Report