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To be something within the field of forensic science. Crime scene investigator is the goal, but really anything from there on is cool too, like forensic science technician or something. I want to aid within solving crime cases, too many are left unsolved.


I like industrial, and I fight with myself often on what classifies as a industrial band, vs. if people will call it nu metal and if that makes me look like a mega poser, but at this point what do I care? Take what you will from my silly little list, it shouldn't prove if I like something. Liking something doesn't mean it's all you listen to - - KMFDM . Powerman 5000 . Rob Zombie . White Zombie . Fear Factory . Pitch-Shifter . Revolting Cocks . Marilyn Manson . Lords Of Acid . Flaw . Spineshank . Five Pointe O . Static-X . Filter . Chemlab . Cold . TRUSTcompany . Hanzel und Gretyl . Nailbomb . Die Klute . Dolly Parton (As if I'd put her under industrial! I like her though!) . The Cranberries . Type O Negative.


Best part of studying forensics, is it's made me a total gore whore. I like horror, but I can absolutely sit and watch a comedy and enjoy it. Most of the things I watch are with my good friend Clyde, so most of these things I'm stealing from him. - - Slaughtered Vomit Dolls * Strong opinions on that whole "franchise" . Mallrats . BASEketball . Orgazmo . Cannibal! The Musical . Clerks . Jackass . Texas Chainsaw Massacre . Rob Zombie's Halloween . House of 1000 Corpses . Kickass . The Boondock Saints . Zero Day . Duck! The Carbine Massacre * It's funny! . Zero Hour .


After embarrassing myself with my poor horror movie choices mixed with my shitty comedy I don't think I should go on! But I will! - - South Park . Metalocalypse . The Walking Dead . Shameless . Moral Orel . American Horror Story .


Alot of shit! I ramble alot, but right now what really bothers me? When people revolve their entire worlds around ruining someones life just because of something small. Like own up to the fact YOU'RE the problem, and move on! Because at the end of the day, that satisfaction is temporary, and just makes you look pathetic for doing it!


lets keep it a buck - lawl.

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18. Location is none of your business . Hobbies include being your next walking talking problem. Upside Down Cross - Red

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Wow, after reading all my personal info don't you just feel sad! Jk! I love the attention. Shoot me a dm or something, I'll get back to you eventually. I'm just.. so lonely!

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Cool profile!

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.


We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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tysm for adding me, you seem super cool!

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Aw thank you! You seem super cool too!

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