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"profile is under construction! "

✿⒘yo ✿ rus/eng ✿ insane (sowwy!) ✿ luv you ~ ✿

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₊...maybe m gonna show you my drawings one day...

₊creation of OCs (already created more than a hundred by nowHELP)

❪i hope none of what i listed sounded too cool i'm absolutely useless and i'm good at nothing  lolz 〒_〒❫


•┈♬┈【anime and videogame ost】┈♬┈【аукцыон】┈♬┈【mamie smith】┈♬┈【the smiths】┈♬┈【ружена сикора】┈♬┈【татьяна и сергей никитины】┈♬┈【bo en】┈♬┈【tiny tim】┈♬┈【billy murray】┈♬┈【malice mizer】┈♬┈【убей меня, эйс!】┈♬┈【kikuo】┈♬┈【depeche mode】┈♬┈ 【гр. полухутенко】┈♬┈【plastic tree】┈♬┈【фрэнк?】┈♬┈【lurmish】┈♬┈【серебряная свадьба】┈♬┈【radiohead】┈♬┈【nastyona】┈♬┈ 【the cure】┈♬┈ 【kinoue64】┈♬┈• he... hhe...KHHEHEHEHEHEEE EVERYTHING MY PRECIOUS CHIHARU SHIGEMATSU SAYS IS MUSIC TTO MY EEEAARRRSSSSSS☆☆☆☆☆☆YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!




•┈✿┈【sesame street】┈✿┈【bear in the big blue house】┈✿┈【lucky ☆ star】┈✿┈【cardcaptor sakura】┈✿┈【carebears】┈✿┈【columbo】┈✿┈【kodocha】┈✿┈【monster】┈✿┈【baby looney tunes】┈✿┈【ducktales】┈✿┈【sayonara zetsubou sensei】┈✿┈【onegai my melody】┈✿┈【ojamajo doremi】┈✿┈【kaitou saint tail】┈✿┈【lbx】┈✿┈【friends】┈✿┈【in the night garden】┈✿┈【my little pony】┈✿┈【acchi kocchi】┈✿┈【haibane renmei】┈✿┈【sofia the first】┈✿┈【winnie the pooh】┈✿┈【amaama to Inazuma】┈✿┈【sketchbook: full color's】┈✿┈【sponge bob square pants】┈✿┈【timmy time】┈✿┈【maya the bee】┈✿┈【hey arnold】┈✿┈【cowboy bebop】┈✿┈【soredemo machi wa mawatteiru】┈✿┈•


•┈𖦹┈«no longer human» by dazai osamu ┈𖦹┈ «Dog» by daniel pennac ┈𖦹┈ «yotsubato» by kiyohiko azuma ┈𖦹┈ «i love Amy» by unun (언니) ┈𖦹┈• (つ.と).. as you can see, I don't really like to read💧


my BFF is my hero!!


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About me:

hi hello hiii greetings hi nice to meet you!! hmmm i don't know much about me..my name is vera 1'm 16 years old my birthday is February 11th i'm an Orthodox Christian 1 like cartoons and I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT DRAWING i'm also loving and friendly i admire every person i meet and sincerely find everyone beautifu english is not my native language i fully understand it but i make a lot of mistakes when 1 speak мой родной язык это русский руссоговорящие ребята приве!!! я живу в Петербурге это очен класный город а ещё Выборг это класный город вот мои любимые города!! ой нутаквот ещё коечё despite the fact that i like to chat i'm really slow to respond (sowwyyy!!) 💦💦 my fovoru fva favorite food is black tea! ok done with the boring part THE BLINKIES WILL TELL EVERYTHING FOR ME What type of otaku are you?
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
What Lucky Star Character Are You?
What Type Of Humor Do You Have?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Anime Season Are You?
Which Zelda Character Are You?
I am a Misdreavus! What Pita-Ten Character Are You?

Who I'd like to meet:

⋆people with similar interests⋆✂༝༝༝༝࿔ digital artists⋆✂༝༝༝༝࿔ v-key appreciators⋆✂༝༝༝༝࿔ guys who also love cartoons⋆✂༝༝༝༝࿔ nd just nice people! also... um... im sorry for being so inactive.. i want to leave you a lot of comments and communicate with all my Friends here! but MADD has other plans for me.. but keep in mind that if i added you as a Friend, it means that i admire and adore you VERY MUCH!!! nd i want to interact so bad... AARGHHHHHHHHH!! ⁽⁽(੭ᗒᗣᗕ)੭*⁾⁾

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˚₊‧꒰ა eskie!! ໒꒱ ‧₊˚

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COOLEST PERSON EVER THEIR STAMPS R SO AWESOME!! im so sorry for plundering from ur stamp collection BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE I HAD TO!! /lh hope we can be good friends!! thanks for accepting my add!! :3 ♡

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OMG THANKCHUUUUUUUU you are incredibly cool too nd ur so nice ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ happy happy💞💞₍₍◟(⁰^⁰∗) i already adore yooouuu !!!!!!!

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mizu ☆

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Thank you so much for accepting!!! I really love your layout :D

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awww thanks i MADE IT MYSELF💪💪💪(still kinda dissatisfied with it need to make it CUTTER!)
btw btw! i saw “TWST„ in your profile and now I'm curious what does it stand for >:( would you tell me pleeaaase? :3 (omigosh or is it a secretly secret SECRET CODE OR KEY omg)

by вера здесь?; ; Report

YOU DID??? that’s so cool ,,, even still it looks so adorable !!! AND I WISH IT WAS NOW AW MAN it’s an acronym for a game I like the story of /3 buuuuttt if you ever DO wanna talk about actual secret codes and ciphers / puzzles I know quite a bit about them

by Chiyo; ; Report

GASP*! you do!?!??!!? you made me even more curious now!!! (o-ho-hoHO you are gonna tell me EVERYTHING!)

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hi! thank you for the add! i like your layout and what you're into! (。^▽^)

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TYTY!! (≧∇≦)

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aaaaaahhhh tytytyty!!!! also your taste in everything is reaaallly good! >:0

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