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"(β—žβ€Έβ—Ÿ) # stuck inside a wii...."

hey, hey! rich boy, look my way! β˜†

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PHIGHTING!!!, wii deleted you, splatoon,scott pilgrim,sonic,eddsworld,fnf,dave & bambi, fionna & cake/adventure time, amazing world of gumball, fnaf, ruby gloom, persona, undertale, tda, mlp, roblox & kagepro + more !!!!!


tyler the creator, mars argo, MARINA, beyonce, kendrick lamar, jcole, fleshwater, slipknot, flyleaf, machine girl, nine inch nails, new jeans, blackpink, system of a down, toy-box, ADO, fergie, childish gambino, bōa, lady gaga, mitski, laufey, pierce the veil, s3rl, marluxiam, laur, lemon demon, stone sour


saw franchise, tmnt mutant mayhem, Coraline, etc etc


girl from nowhere, scott pilgrim, inside job, tmnt, ruby gloom, sonic boom & prime & x


be prepared, Homestuck, coroika, objectified,


vinestaff from phighting i love that girl

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About me:

HIIII!!!! My name is Vinestaff or Henry ^_^ I'm a 16 year old boygirl who likes being silly and drawing.. and also the host of my system!! I enjoy talking about my interests and drawing me and my friends together, i also enjoy roleplaying and playing games with my friends!!! I'm not gonna bite you, if you wanna hang out or be friends you can ask for my discord or twitter! Please be advised that I have BPD, NPD & extreme attachment issues. I can get clingy easily, I also tend to make nsfw and kys jokes, if you're uncomfortable please lmk!!

Who I'd like to meet:

Other phighting and wdy fans :3 Other systems!!!

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liam / ethan

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i love your profile so much !!!

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tysm!! <33 i love urs as well hun!!!

by π“ŽŸπ“ŽŸ οΉ” vinestaff β˜† ̟; ; Report

*ΰ©ˆβœ©β€§β‚ŠΛšshady <3

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ohoho you're so Portuguese

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