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  • I love Chino Moreno :3
  • I like Sanrio and plushies, I'm really obsessed with them. 
  • I find churches, cemeteries, subway stations, villages, underwater constructions, abandoned ruins and buildings really beautiful. Sometimes I explore them, but when I can I do it at night. I've always preferred night to day, I guess.
  • I try to write poems, I really love writing, and I want to learn about art history as well.
  • And I'm obsessed with analog horror or everything related to horror and true crime. 


  •  Black metal/DSBM and *melodic/doom black metal, death metal* :
  • Këkht Aräkh, Kanashimi, Vampirska, Skitliv, Sorry..., left alone..., Givre, Moongazer, Fentanil, Lord Valtgryftåke, Winterstorm, Harvest, Mäleficent, Winter Lantern, Vampiryc Rites, Mantiel, Jormungandr, Sacrimoon, Commit Suicide, Deformis Bastardis, Vanhelga, Beastcraft, Krypt, Svartsyn, Mortuus, Fides Inversa, Chaos Invocation, Theriomorph and Christian Death. 
  • Nu-metal :
  • Deftones, Korn, Slipknot, System of a Dawn, Cannibal Corpse, Sevendust, Slaves on Dope, Primer 55, Dreadnaut, Snot, Spineshank, Coal Chamber, American Head Charge and Nonpoint. 
  • Gothic rock, Gothic metal and Post-punk :
  • She wants revenge, Molchat doma, Mareux, Xmal Deutschland, Poisonbalck, Theatre of tragedy, Mortal Love, HIM, Corpus delicti, Scarlet's remains, The Naked and The Dead, Antiworld, Astrovamps, The last days of Jesus, Burning Image, Every New Dead Ghost, Midnight Configuration, 13 Candels, Arts of Erebus

  • Whirr, Zeruel, Loathe, Whatsaheart, Snave, Jane Remover, Fleshwater, Emotional Xan, Superheaven, Lilac, bbdalena, Black Hill

  • Bladee, Ecco2k, Quannnic, Mixed Matches, meat computer, Stardante, Goreshit, Crim3s, Machine Girl

  • I love Mitski and Erang
(I don't support Mayhem,Burzum and LESS Marilyn Manson!! If u do stay away)


  • I like found footage (it's my favorite genre) but I also love psychological horror movies, Tim Burton's, Studio Ghibli's and Sofia Copola's movies. 

  • My others favorites movies are:
  • Phantom Thread, The insurance man, The shinning
  • A clockwork orange, Requiem for a dream, American psycho,Taxi driver, One of us, The godfather
  • The island of dogs, Fantastic Mr.Fox, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The secret of marrowbone, Goodnight mommy, Funny games, Suspiria, The nightingale, Possum, The wailing, The tale of two sisters, Men, The killing of a Sacred Deer,
  • Stalker, Lilya 4-ever and The mirror

  • But I like Crepusculo too, I used to be really obsessed 



  • I like Manga, my favorites are:
  • Ookami no Kawa wo Kabutta Hitsujihime, Shoujo-tachi no Kizuato ni Kuchizuke wo, Doukyuusei, Seven days (Monday-Thursday), I'm a hero, Dandadan, Dead Dead monster's dededede, Oyasumi Punpun, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Blood on the tracks, Heaven Official's Blessing, Fragments of Horror, Murcielago, Uzumaki, Bibliomania and Hinatsugi. 

  • I love reading to Kafka, Camus, Dostoyevski, Algernon Blackwood, Ashton Smith, Mary Shelly, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde.


  • My dog, I love him, he's my son and the love of my life
  • But I love all animals
  • Cinnamoroll, fluttershy
  • Dostoevsky, Kafka and Albert Camus
  • Junji Ito and Inio Asano

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About me:

  • Hiii hii!! >_< hewoo:3

  • I don't know what to put here I'm shy.
  • I'm very introvert, and I don't usually talk too much. I'm not good when it comes to start a conversation, I'm very quiet and shy, that's why makes me happy when they talk about their day and they understand and have patience, that's more than enough! 

  • You can call me bunni or usagi. 

Who I'd like to meet:

  • I only want to make friends who have the same interests 
  • But I honestly really don't mind if you're kind and gentle. I have social anxiety so meeting new people overwhelmed me but I would like to make new friends! ૮꒰˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა


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suddenly, kittens!

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haiii bunnie!! :3 nice to meet you, my cute friend

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Love your music taste!! Have you heard of Gris? (black metal band)

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Awwe that makes me really happy tysm, I like your music taste too!!
I don't know about Gris :( but I will listen to them, now I'm curious >_<

by bunnie!; ; Report


Vanya 's profile picture

Hey! Nice to meet you! I saw that you put you like found footage, I'd you like that, do you also happen to like analog horror/Lost Media too? If you do, which ones? I really like Welcome Home, The Mandela catalogue, The backrooms and I also wanna get into The Walten Files, Gemini Home Entertainment, Channel 7 and the Magnus Archives! Anyways hope we can be friends! ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ

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Hii!<3 and yes!! Omagah I actually really like Analoge horror as well. My favorite are UrbanSpook, Surreal broadcats, petscop and Backrooms and Mandela catalouge TOO!!
I know lot of them because Alex pH (I love his channel)
And I would like to get into The Walten Tiles, Vita Carnis ans Smile Tapes.
And we can be friends obviously!>_<

by bunnie!; ; Report


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hallo! thanks for the add! ( ^◡^)っ ♡

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Hii, and don't thank! Hope u have a cute day*^^*

by bunnie!; ; Report

you too! (˵´•‿•`˵ ⑅)

by ★em★; ; Report


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I don't know how to use this but it's fine ^-^

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