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"being a hater"

19. Nothing else of importance. I'm an inhuman shadow entity.

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surrealism, JRPGs & RPGMAKER games, game development, horror, abnormal psychology, lost media & virtual worlds, earth science, drawing & literature/writing, pharmacology, alternative fashion, hallucinogenics, religious & etc history.


It's too much and too bad.


Akira 1988, RAW, Donnie Darko, Perfect Blue, Cat Soup, The Shining, Unico, Saw Franchise, shitty superhero movies, Psycho, Halloween, bad classic horror, ghibli & anime films.


Invader Zim, Evangelion, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Death Note, Soul Eater, Lucky Star, Dorohedoro, Alien9, Nichijou, Serial Experiments Lain, Jujutsu Kaisen, FLCL, Durarara, Azumanga Daioh etc etc


JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC, Junji Ito, HP Lovecraft Mythos, H.G. Wells books, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Warrior Cats


I'm a gaming expert I love gaming I game in my gamer pc THE SIMS 4!!! and Undertale and Final Fantasy games. I also like Animal Crossing, the LISA series, Yume Nikki & fangames, Earthbound, Terraria, & Minecraft a normal amount. I play a lot of games please ask me about games.


Idfk what this means I'm putting W.D. Gaster and Sephiroth in this corner.


I'm majoring in animation at university & I love the colors blue and black. My fav youtubers/streamers are Jerma, Vinesauce, Critikal, Nexpo, Nitrorad & others.

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About me:

I'm Marshal. I'm 19 years old, use he/it pronouns and I'm an internet enigma. I live in a hazardous radiated zone of Mexico filled with zombies and demons and I like to pull silly goofy pranks on kids around the neighborhood. I hate talking about myself.

I find the trollface cute and relatable and I have no affiliations with any of its crimes. Also I went to a medieval torture museum once it was sick.
I listen to a lot of shit music like Deftones and Death Grips that's the only explanation you need. For more information check out my NEOCITIES:

Who I'd like to meet:

I'd enjoy meeting someone as equally as evil and dastardly. I'm sans from Undertale just a warning.

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silas ☆

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ty 4 the add!!:D

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tysm!! U seem so cool!

by Marshal <3; ; Report

u do 2!!

by silas ☆; ; Report


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Letting a bunch of microbes free in your home

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by Marshal <3; ; Report

They're whimpering

by CASPIAN; ; Report