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I loooveeee my gf!! Also love my best friend!|Anime[jjba&baki], music, creepyapsta, marble hornets, undertale, FNAF, LOZ, TADC|Really love crafts, fashion, history and art!! I love to write stories and make fun of myself- Martial arts, weaponry, working out


Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground|Metallica, SOD, Three Days Grace, ICP, 6arelyhuman, Odetari, Slipknot, Artic Monkeys|HEAVY METAL/METAL, Classical, Phonk, Old School[songs] IS MY TOP GENRES


I don't favour much movies, just watch them


TMNT, Lego Ninja Go, Card!Fight Vanguard, mlp, monster high (probably more I just forgot the names)


Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, Book of 5 rings, Mafia democracy, Russian Novels


My girlfriend ! ! !

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About me:

Leon/Leo/Kira He/They 15+ Taken[29/03/24] Genderfluid-Pansexual | I'll be so happy!! To get any suggestions on music or anything else! | I forget a lot so bear with me ToT I workout a lot, muscle building is my hobby!

Genderfluid Pride Pan Pride

Who I'd like to meet:

Undertale+AUs, TADC, Creepypasta, Fnaf, JJBA, Baki Fans, COD, Mortal Kombat, Eddsworld, CoD, Sally Face fans!

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This is a cool profile!

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Thx!! I haven't been active recently srry for the late reply

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