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"studying math D:"

male, 17, soon to be florida dweller 🤠

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Mood: im addicted to words and theyre useless

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  • being obsessed with things for undiscernible reasons

  • messing around with webpages
  • learning languages, planting, psychology

  • ANYTHING vintage/retro/10 years old at least like gaming consoles/games no matter how obscure and crt tvs, cds, records, cassette tapes and any other obsolete format of audio/videos

  • instruments and music in general

this is not so general anymore is it?


music wise i mostly like emocore or skramz screamo whatever you wanna call it and /metalcore/posthardcore/hardcore/electronicore/dsbm/deathcore/ which are very similar (i am very much a -core enjoyer). also some pop punk. i really just like creepy or sad music most of the time. listing bands would be too hard. youll figure it out

Electro sexualll freshtodeath.. musiiicc


i only watch the occaisional animated weeb movie from japan and i almost strictly watch movies on dvd. or just vhs movies i find at the thrift store


still havent bought invader zim dvd but i do love jackass and old spongebob


if i were to read a book it would have to be twilight cus its funny and too long.


these guys are more like inspirations to me

but most of all, samy is my hero

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pfp is me!! also plz watch my youtube its totally very entertaining

B L E E D I N L L A M D A N C P A R T ! !
B L E E D I N L L A M D A N C P A R T Y ! ! !

my website :


it will be a website for old computers, with no algorythms like the early internet days. take a look!

hello, its your fellow npc with no personality. im extremely unfishy and anybody that tells you otherwise is a fish in disguise. i hope you enjoy the show.. just a bit of banter... im a he im a him! im not into all that mentally ill stuff (sarcasm) i am actually very mentally ill and not in the quirky way, in the i want to end my life way! so the sardonic humor way?

check out this slightly funny neocities website i made!.
purpleumbrella@escargot.chat is my msn username. add me maybe?

view my layouts?

ive finally updated my profile pic and i think i look quite funny

weekly music below this

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Who I'd like to meet:

myspace emo scenester posers idc, people obsessed with nostalgia blah bla blah. i friend almost anyone tho idgaf ur age just dont be annoying. if u wanna talk, message me first!
emos sitting next to eachother

me and who??! also i love cheese

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ur profile is souperrr cool 🏻

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thanks buckaroo!!1

by x.{finn}.x; ; Report

vel venomous

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omg i love ur profile sm

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thanks, i made it myself. the gifs on your profile are pretty funny

by x.{finn}.x; ; Report

oooh thats sick also thx XD

by vel venomous; ; Report


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Awesome profile!

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Thanks but that profile pic of yours xd

by x.{finn}.x; ; Report


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ty for adding bac !! and also thank u for the theme its very epic

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ur welcom x)

by x.{finn}.x; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add

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silas ☆

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thx sm 4 accepting!! u seem SO kewl!

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me? cool? well thats a first. my ego: +1

by x.{finn}.x; ; Report

yes u kewl. glad 2 up ur ego. im me if u get the chance!! :D

by silas ☆; ; Report


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Thx 4 the add!!

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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💖 ✨

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thx 4 the add!

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Thanks for the add, check out my Music sometime= https://soundcloud.com/jimmyjofficial

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feefee shashanock

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this is all so yummy

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indeed it is quite yummy

by x.{finn}.x; ; Report


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I wont put on the maid outfit and you cant make me.

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i did not expect this HAHAHAHA

by x.{finn}.x; ; Report

Good lmao

by Tax_Fraudulence...?; ; Report

Michael Cash

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♬ ♫ ♪ Hi! And welcome Here! On my page are my own original content Music Tracks & Vids, plus Links to my Spotify, Youtube and other sites at the top! ⭐(◕‿◕)⭐ Thanx!

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luv ur profile🤍!!! thx 4 the add btwww

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aw shucks of corn! thanx!

by x.{finn}.x; ; Report

Danielle Hagadorn

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I love this stinky stink so much.

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aww thanks my stinky honey boo bae

by x.{finn}.x; ; Report