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"can't wait for blink-182's new album"

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I love weird shapes, making OCs, and cartoons! I'm mostly a 2D visual artist, but I dabble in other art forms :)


blink-182, Jazmin Bean, Jack Stauber, memory stiches, Nirvana, Tenacious D


Lotsa stop motion films, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Men in Black trilogy, Shrek films & spinoffs


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Malcolm in the Middle, Over the Garden Wall, Invader Zim, Superjail!, Smiling Friends


Johnny the Homicidal Maniac & spinoffs

Video Games

RuneScape, Animal Crossing (NH, NL & PC), GTAV


Jhonen Vasquez, Jack Stauber


Hi, this guy is Jasper. He's a silly guy I made up. I love to draw him.

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Fellow creatives!

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Awww thank you!!! Jthm is one of my fave things ever!!! I love ur pfp it's so pretty!!

by ★ JEX ★; ; Report


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JACK STAUBER FAN !!! ahh thanks for the add back !!

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Heck yeah!!!! I adore his work so much!! Ty for the add!!! C:

by ★ JEX ★; ; Report


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Thx for adding!!!
Awesome to see another JV fan!

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Thank you! Always nice to see other fans of his work!!!

by ★ JEX ★; ; Report


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tnx u for acepting my fr :D i luv jasper btw *q*

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Thank you! Your profile is awesome too, thanks for the add! And thank you so much, I love to draw him, he means a lot to me!

by ★ JEX ★; ; Report

Mysterious Blood Pyramid

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Omg i love secret of the kells!! I love the company behind it- Song of the Sea really just fed my soul bc i love selkies so much and everything else theyve made is just as gorgeous

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Aw thank you, I love their movies as well a lot! Wolfwalkers is awesome as well!

by ★ JEX ★; ; Report

aws / ryan ☆

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jaspur es tha blorbow frum yer yead

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HAHA yes he really is. Silly oc that I think about far too much (and also blink-182 is the goat)

by ★ JEX ★; ; Report


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pr0file s0 c00l. . . i luv jhonen vasquez <3

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Yours is too!! It's awesome to see another fan of Jhonen's work AND Superjail! Really epic :)

by ★ JEX ★; ; Report


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Johnny AND blew?? Undeniably based

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Hell yeah!!!! Tysm!!!!

by ★ JEX ★; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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Happy Holidays!


We're playing the wackiest Holiday mix EVER right now! Check it out!

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Thx u too!!

by ★ JEX ★; ; Report


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I love jhonen vasquez sm!!!!

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Me tooooo!!!! He's such a huge inspo to me!

by ★ JEX ★; ; Report