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- celtic studies
- languages & linguistics in general
- minority language preservation & revitalisation
- coding
- molluscs, especially snails
- steampunk
- drawing
- painting (mainly watercolour & inks)
- old web
- playing & writing music
- writing, OCs, & worldbuilding
- foxes
- sewing


- romantic era
- neo-classical
- baroque
- celtic folk/traditional
- steampunk
- folk rock


- pacific rim
- the lord of the rings
- into the spider-verse
- studio ghibli


- breaking bad


- izzzyzzz
- strange aeons
- matt rose
- tamago2474
- nexpo
- defunctland
- nationsquid
- buzzfeed unsolved & watcher
- hbomberguy
- badgamedev
- rerez
- hanabira工房
- danny gonzalez
- jarvis johnson
- twosetviolin


- the war of the worlds
- tintin
- the time machine
- llyfr glas nebo
- marvel comics, mainly spider-man

Board & tabletop games

- battletech
- arkham horror
- unmatched

Video games

- mechcommander 1 & desperate measures & 2
- mechassault 1 & 2
- mechassault phantom war
- arcanum: of steamworks and magick obscura
- baldur's gate 1
- icewind dale 1
- whiteout: survival
- terraria


- every older butch lesbian ever
- the internet archive

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About me:

hii i'm @femmeworm (formerly @waltertheworm) from vent <3 since vent was supposedly going to die, i came here.

any pronouns :p

pls don't use tone tags, they're really confusing for me!! just say what you mean pls!!

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Who I'd like to meet:

my old mutuals from vent as well as other members of the vent exodus n other cool people idk.

anyone who has some similar interests!! also people with different interests bc i love learning about new stuff :3 & other disabled people would be really cool too!! especially other physically disabled people. also any language & linguistics enthusiasts!! especially celtic languages n other minority languages!!!!

i won't accept your friend request if you're a minor sorry. also i probably won't friend you if i find your profile theme/text/colours/etc difficult to look at!! (i am photosensitive)

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Wacky Alex

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Hello again. Hope you're having a great summer!

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ah hello!! my summer went fine, hope yours was good too!! :)

by saint!! ☆; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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