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Filmmaking and film history, art and art history, photography, music, illustration, sculpture, animation, art and furniture restoration, mechanics, electronics, cooking, gardening, nature, queer culture, meditation, mindfulness, the ocean, friends, nostalgia pits, bad poetry, lucid dreams, learning, writing letters, storytelling, puppetry, abandoned buildings, urban decay, pen-pals, playlists, animals, plants, and generally anything. I'm never bored and almost always interested.


I like a lot of different things, but spend most of my time in the sort of goth, post-punk, deathrock, darkwave, dark ethereal arena. I also enjoy a good amount of metal (of various subcategories), industrial, shoegaze indie, and folk (of various nationalities). Along with goth (encompassing those subgenres), I have roots in queercore and punk. I like some classical music - a lot of the french avant-garde pianists. Not opposed to some pop and upbeat stuff, particularly of past years - I'm not as good with what's contemporary. I love listless, melancholic, charged, nostalgic, confident--- all sort of emotions in music. While I love my roots in darker music, and have long found my home in the goth scene, I try not to get too caught up about being genre exclusive or letting my aesthetic and passions limit me from enjoying other things.

I'll save us all a lot of grief and put together a list someday.


Since this (and television) is what is supposedly my "expertise", I feel like I've watched everything (obviously hyperbole). I especially enjoy horror, fantasy, and family adventure. Can't get enough camp or cult. Some action, sci-fi, and comedy. I won't say no to solids in other genres that seem less "me" like rom-coms. Can always tune in to a solid documentary - love a good animated feature. Honestly, I probably watch straight dramas and war movies the least. I could get into titles - but I'll save it for another time. I'm so anxious I'll leave one out.


Okay look, the laundry list of shows I need and want to watch are endless- yet I'll rewatch Frasier and The Golden Girls till the day I die. What kind of goth am I? I also love teen "horror", especially if it is at a CW-quality level. Teen Wolf, Secret Circle, Buffy, Charmed - you get the picture. Newer programs outside of that realm I've liked: The Queen's Gambit, Feud, AHS, Schitt's Creek, Insecure. I'm positive I'm forgetting a lot, which is why I always hesitate to put down titles.


I read a lot of non-fiction - especially lately. Biographies, artist diaries, instruction, analysis, theory, history. I won't bore you with the details. In fiction, while there are many titles, I'll always hold a soft spot for White Oleander, Great Expectations, and Jitterbug Perfume. I also enjoy a number of comics and graphic novels. I just finished Black Hole - not sure why it took me decades to get around to it since it's such a classic.


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About me:

I'm a filmmaker and artist living in California. I'm going to attempt to write something that isn't just my filmmaker/artist bio. That's not really what I want out of this space - cold formality.

Despite the pandemic paralyzing film mostly, I'm still creating along with doing what I need to stay physically/mentally healthy. Instead of overvaluing productivity, I've been learning to feel satisfied with doing a little less or just enough in exchange for time to attend to other needs.

I'm always trying to learn something new and imagining what life would look like down different paths. Life feels so short and potential simultaneously limitless and fleeting. I might wind up a "jack of all trades, master of none" but hopefully, I'll be able to master many things by the time I'm done here.

Anyway, that's enough "About Me" for now. Not sure what I'm wanting out of this account - maybe just a space that doesn't feel quite as precious, under the magnifying glass, or superficially curated? There was something about the old accounts of MySpace, DeadJournal, etc, that just had this capacity for vulnerability--- or perhaps that was just part of being an angsty teenager. Guess we'll find out together.

Who I'd like to meet:

Other artists, filmmakers, various queer creatives, other goths and punks, and those with shared interests in general.

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Ze Z. (Noiram Zero)

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Thanks for the add! Feel free to share any creative projects

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Hi! Thanks for the add! I see you are a filmmaker and like art. I'm not, but I love non-mainstream films and always to learn more about the industry. So I'm really keeping an eye on your thoughts and experience!

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Hey thanks for adding me I appreciate it! And even if you aren't an artist or filmmaker, if you come across anything cool I'm always looking to check out new stuff too!

by .daniel.; ; Report


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(◠‿◠) Hello, welcome. Thanks for the add. Hope you enjoy my music. I am a trilingual artist. English, Spanish and French. (◠‿◠) If you like my music Please 'Add Me To Your Favorites'(◠‿◠)

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Petals And Thorns

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Thanks for connecting! Love your layout!🌹🖤

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Thanks! The image is a painting I love by Maxfield Parrish called "At the Close of Day"

by .daniel.; ; Report

Dawn Kitty

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Thanks for the add n.n

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For sure! ✨

by .daniel.; ; Report


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Hey there! Thanks for the add

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Most definitely!

by .daniel.; ; Report