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well i do partake in a little lemonaid every now and again and sometimes it makes quite a bit depending on the day, not enough though.... god i wise times were simpler


i dont really think ive ever sat down and listened to music... im just to busy maybe i should take a break... maybe one day


dont really have time for movies


and no time for television


i read the paper sometimes but i wouldnt really call that reading



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} Thick Skeleton Skull [this is an rp account] hello! my name is... well you can just call me yellow or gold i really dont mind, just dont look at my file name alright? anyways im a licenced attorney in cyber city who works closely with addon whos a blue addison i know whos quite... a "top hat" in cyber city and has his grubby mits in every market in cyber city, hes alright but i bet one day ill be bigger than he ever was

Who I'd like to meet:

id love to meet other addisons with high status! or maybe someone who can give me a better pay check... addon isnt the most giving when it comes to that kinda thing.... please dont tell him i said that alright? infact dont tell him about this at all! otherwise ill be in big trouble and i cant aford another pay decrease

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tommy 𓆩♡𓆪

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your blog theme is so cool!!!!

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Well thank you! Your is very nice as well

by yellow addison; ; Report


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Nice profile!

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thank you :3

by yellow addison; ; Report


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Ohhon~ Another fellow esteemed addison, I see!

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oh of course! you must be click? ive heard alot about you! pardon if im mistaken though i havent really had time to meet many pinks

by yellow addison; ; Report

No need to worry, you're spot on~ I look forward to meeting you, we SO need more addisons on this website 💗

by Bushbot; ; Report

oh i so agree! i just hope my boss doesnt see this, he isnt the biggest fan of pinks

by yellow addison; ; Report

This will be our secret..

by Bushbot; ; Report


by Add-on; ; Report

! oh heya boss! its not what it looks like!

by yellow addison; ; Report

To me it looks like my servant is interloping with a pink 👁️👁️

by Add-on; ; Report

that is very much not happening! i promise you that boss! were just talking about... work! nothing else!

by yellow addison; ; Report

Oh, yellow. I thought you were smarter than this, I'm so disappointed. And just when I was about to give you a pay rise, what a shame

by Add-on; ; Report

wait no! its really not what it looks like boss!!! please reconsider the pay rise? please boss...this apartment is so expensive...

by yellow addison; ; Report

Take out the trash and fetch me a cuppa and I'll think about it

by Add-on; ; Report

...yes boss... you will acctully think about that pay rise right?... you wont forget like last time... i really need this money boss... especily ever since you bought my company from under me!

by yellow addison; ; Report

I said I'll think about it, Yellow. Honestly, what is with you and blaming me for the collapse of you company? Just because you were a crap attorney doesn't mean I'd ever wish to involve myself in your dealings.

by Add-on; ; Report

its always "ill think about it" with you... no wonder pylon is suffering money wise

by yellow addison; ; Report

Last I checked Pylon and you both share and apartment building but yet you're the only one who complains

by Add-on; ; Report

oh riight, the only add-on you are is a... well i think you catch my drift, one coffee for ya princess.

by yellow addison; ; Report

Call me princess again and I'll tell all your fans here your filename, wouldn't that be fun?

by Add-on; ; Report

! dont do that! for the love of mother... it wont happen again i swaer just... keep my file name between you and me alright boss

by yellow addison; ; Report

Then we have an agreement?

by Add-on; ; Report

yes boss... we have an agreement

by yellow addison; ; Report

Good, now. I'd like you to take care of a feral creature that's been sifting through your apartment's dumpsters

by Add-on; ; Report