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writing fanfiction.. yami kawaii. vocaloid. bunnies. old internet stuff. manga. cute phone charms. psychological horror. being rude to men


hi-posi, shinsei kamattechan, midori, kikuo, sewerslvt, mushi-p, needy streamer overload ost


perfect blue


hidamari sketch, neon genesis evangelion, erased, lucky star, nichijou, higurashi, deadman wonderland


kimi ni aisarete itakatta, mai-chan no nichijō, dededede, oyasumi punpun, chainsaw man


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About me:

    don't bother requesting if you're under 15!

    pedo enablers, nsfw accounts, etc..
    don't fucking add me!!!

    take me back!

hi, i'm amai or mion/mio. (mii if we're close) i'm 19 and a girl. i'm bi with a pref for girls
don't add me if you're under 15. you should just block me if you're under 14 honestly

i'm an alter but i just sort of want to be seen as my own individual here. i speak a passable amount of japanese, i guess. i like baking, gardening, and manga. i write lots of fanfiction, but, like.. don't expect to ever see it. ever. my favorite animals are rabbits and my dream occupation is to become a full-time bunny so i don't have to put up with anyone anymore

i have a boring home life so don't ask about it.
i'm diagnosed with CPTSD and rts, i can be kind of vocal on how it affects me. i also deal with a lot of hyper-vigilance so sorry if i bite
i don't like being teased or worked up.. it's annoying. take me seriously and respect my boundaries

proshippers GTFO and stop making a mockery of my trauma.

Who I'd like to meet:

click to pet me

my socials(add me!!)
disc - amainioi

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nice profile i need a intro thingy XD

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Nice profile!

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thanks!!! i like yours too!

by miimii; ; Report

。°✩ Randal~Tan

。°✩ Randal~Tan's profile picture

I love ur pfp

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thank you!!

by miimii; ; Report


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thabnks for the add and also i like your layout

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thank you!! i like yours too

by miimii; ; Report


♪ COSMO/OREL ♪'s profile picture

tysm 4 the add!

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˚₊‧꒰ა ♱ ame ♱ ໒꒱ ‧₊˚

˚₊‧꒰ა ♱ ame ♱ ໒꒱ ‧₊˚'s profile picture

ty 4 the add <3 yr profile is so cute !

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nice profile bro!!

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by miimii; ; Report


𝔇𝔞𝔶𝔰𝔬𝔫's profile picture

ᴵ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ᵘʳ ᵖʳᵒᶠⁱˡᵉ!

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thank you! i love yours too

by miimii; ; Report


707's profile picture

best profile :3

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umm you're saying that when mario's right below us.. wooow :P
i think yours is the best though <3

by miimii; ; Report

okay ngl marios page is amazing, but u still #1 hehe <3

by 707; ; Report


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Thank you so much for the request! Your profile is-a very cute. Mario loves it very much!!

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thank you mario.. you are a national hero

by miimii; ; Report


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bunny :OO

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by miimii; ; Report

teetertotter_inspired 彡𖦹

teetertotter_inspired 彡𖦹's profile picture

thx the add ur profile is so cute :3

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ofc!! i love yours too!!!

by miimii; ; Report

★ ୧ 𝐉𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐘𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐄 ! ୨୧✦𓂃

★ ୧  𝐉𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐘𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐄 ! ୨୧✦𓂃's profile picture

THX FOR THE ADD!! I never f0und another er4ased fan, 1t's nice to kn0w p3ople that like it t0o!!! ♪(^∇^*)

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of course!! and YESS i love erased so much, one of my favorite animes ever <3 <3

by miimii; ; Report


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I love your page and the personality that radiates off of it!!!

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thank you!! i love yours too, it's so soothing!

by miimii; ; Report

kev ✧

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AW thank you!!! i love yours too, the blues are so pretty

by miimii; ; Report


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wow ur layout is rly cute! ez to read! thanks 4 adding me, u seem rly fun ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝

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aww ty!! i like yours a lot too, needy streamer is one of my fav games x_x it's nice to meet you!

by miimii; ; Report


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thanks for adding me, your page is really cute! :D

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thank you!! i like yours a lot too!

by miimii; ; Report

Gum Skyloard

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Heyyy, thanks for adding me!

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no problem!

by miimii; ; Report


by Gum Skyloard; ; Report