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"they/it //devoir pizza slices !! plz check my blog 4 more info :3"

such a weirdo !!haruka charlotte ryker noel dia split kinnie hehe

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Mood: hungry !! srry for my bad english btw

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i make edits ann draw sum doodles :3:3 butt !! i dont have any of finished “artworks” if i can name that thingzz like that. anywayyy, i have alot of fandoms !! usually ii play in rpg games/visual novels e.t.c. (ihave too much fandoms pllz check blog !!)))


mostly listen to j-goth //j-pop (hehe, i love j-goth vkei groups sm !! :3:3) buutt !! i listen to ALL !! types of music actually !! thought im a goth person ! list (except japan groups: sewerslvt, radiohead, alex g, mitski, tv girl, lemon demon, jack stauber, rori in early 20s, goreshit, your gentle madness, mindless self indulgence.


not the big fan of movies :( i watched many i guess, but i cant remember them. anyway, here my favorites !! - fight club, stay(2005) .. and ? i add here other movies if ill remember them.


nope ! >:3


i dont have time to read srry .. maybe one day i start reading seriously -£-&&-


??? my girlfriend ofc /hj

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About me:

heya bbbb !!! im tsunariss//tsu/tsunya (or any other form of my name !!), 14 y.o, goth n neuroqueer/radinclus person !! afab, agender, sapphic withh adhd + bpd (i self-diagnosis this things srry). im caucasian (lezgin) who lives in russia ((dont love my country much tbhh .. im also pro/com/darkshipper n anti-contact necro :3:3 my typologys !! (( istj SiTe it(s) sx5(w6) 538 (sp3w2/so8w9) sx/sp/so phleg-hol [R]coe/I/ lfev efsa fearful-avoidant ispi.

Who I'd like to meet:

idk ?? multi/fandoms/shippers proshippers minors (i feel uncomfortable with someone whos older when me 2 much ..) though just be nice !!! thats enough

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