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"back after several months"

29, he/him, leo sun + rising w aries moon, jewish, queer

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Playing music, writing poetry, enjoying the fresh air, hanging with my lil baby hamster, watching movies.


The broad spectrum of indie, shit I can thrash too, pretty acoustic stuff. I also have been listening to a lot of the same emo music for the last 15 years. I can vibe to most things though from shoegaze to surf rock to hardcore trap shit. My favourite bands are Evan and Jaron and The Icarus Account. I like Hozier a lot when I need to breathe and vibe. Obviously fuck hard with Paramore, All Time Low, NevershoutNever!, Panic!, FOB, The Used, Bad Luck is a cool band I learned of in 2020 and went to go see before the pandemic. I really miss Chase Coy, Brighten, This Century, and Nickasaur (who I saw play with This Century I think it was in maybe 2014 actually just under Nick Santino with William Beckett from The Academy Is..., if that was all the same show). I really love the Cure. I dig Bob Dylan and a lot of 60's stuff, I listen to music really from the 1920's-2020's. I like swing and jazz too.


Some of my favourites are the Back to the Future movies and Bill & Ted. I fuck heavy with sci-fi, fantasy, also anything that I can relive the high school years I didn't get to experience in a movie way through.


Black Mirror, twilight zone (both), musicals, yeaHhh. Park and Rec is up there, The Goldbergs, Dave with Lil Dicky, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Daybreak. I really miss Invader Zim and Rocko's Modern Life and am really happy they brought those back for a minute to appeal to our nostalgia in 2019, was it?


Historical fiction and fantasy. One of my fave books as a kid was Green Boy. I also really fuck with Stranger in a Strange Land.


I don't know how healthy it is to have humans as heroes, but there are a lot of people I have a lot of respect for and admire. Probably Ram Dass, though.

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About me:

hey I'm Trey! I was on MySpace 2004/5-2011/12 ish and am so excited that this type of thing exists again. Leo sun, leo rising, aries moon. I'm queer and trans. I am on the autism spectrum. I live in Colorado and I am primarily a poet. I play the uke and harmonica and play them the most. I make mixed media art too- mostly painting records and I have a few sculptures with the bones I collect. I have a hamster named Milton who is the love of my life. I'm polyam also. I'm very into spirituality and associate most with being Jewish. I've got a degree in "queer poetics and performance." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And I'm adding cute strangers just like I would have 12 years ago. That's how we all make friends, yeah?

Who I'd like to meet:

Selena Gomez, absolutely. And you (after the pandemic). Thinking about how funny it would be to have a Spacehey girlfriend (that, but gender neutral tbh) like how I used to have MySpace girlfriends a million years ago lmao.

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Forrest Friends

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(◠‿◠) Hello, welcome. Thanks for the add. Hope you enjoy my music. I am a trilingual artist. English, Spanish and French. (◠‿◠)

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omg can I start saying that from now on!?! I love it!!
I also love your profile, thanks for accepting!

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Cryptid-Lord Byron

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Ain’t it grand? Stay awhile, and listen!

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thanks for adding me back! you seem supa rad x3

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Calvin K

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What’s up Trey? Thank you 🤙🏾 Your background is looking super cool as well. How’s your night going man?

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Hey buddy! Thanks so much. I'm about to settle in for dinner and a couple movies before I go to sleep, I think. I've just been playing music for a while (debating what emo-esque cover to post next on here for the gang). What are you up to?

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Hey buddy! Thanks so much. I'm about to settle in for dinner and a couple movies before I go to sleep, I think. I've just been playing music for a while (debating what emo-esque cover to post next on here for the gang). What are you up to?

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your voice is perfect, you're amazing

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ugh you are such an angel, thank you :')

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big love to you! ahh

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Scarecrow Joe

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Thanks for the add, I feel like we would dig a lot of the same music judging by your music section.

My current focus is on synthy and post-punk stuff but In my teenage years I was obsessed with emo, indie, obscure 60s bands and proto-punk. I’ll always have that soft spot for indie though, lol.

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It does look like it! I've been listening to definitely a lot of the same stuff for the last 15 years, haha. And what my parents listen to. But it does grow sometimes. :)

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hello!! thank you! i love the blue theme of your profile! hope you're having a great day!

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oh thank you friend! i have not been on in a couple weeks. happy to be back on though. i hope you're well!!

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Fluid Dynamic

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Hey :) Thanks for connecting on the space!!

Hope you had a good weekend :D

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i did! thank you so much, i hope you did as well. happy to be connected with ya! xx

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**Pao <3

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right! we were meant to become internet friends o(*^ï¼ ^*)o

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100%, dude. n.n how's your weekend?

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Seven years is a long time! I haven't gotten very far with learning because I keep getting frustrated. I've been trying some youtube videos, but it's really hard learning from them since no one is able to give me feedback. I'm not too much of a visual learner. It's odd I don't mimic very well. I learn best from trial and error. But that would be so nice! I would feel bad taking up your time having you teach me, though. But I'm totally down if that's what you want to do!

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dude that brings up the best ever childhood memories, fr

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Morgan Madewell

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My day is goin very well thanks for askin!! I’m about to get chic fil a so it doesn’t get much better than that lmao

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Chicken sounds MAD good right now. I might have to fuck with that too.

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Stoney Sills

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Folkpunk forever!!!🙌

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link me anytime id love to keep listening! talented as shit yo!

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Megan Duffy

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lol JINX

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Hi, im doing well! How are you?

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Add away! ☺

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I and doing well, I hope things are good with you!

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