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A 21 year old vampire from the distant land of California.

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"I like a variety of things. More than the average person. Though my heart is black, it is said that black is the combination of all colors. The absence of absence. Viewed through that lens, you could say a heart as dark as mine is filled to its absolute limit with love. Or perhaps, given its infinite vastness, there is no limit to the love in my heart. Of all the wonders in the world, gaming is the hobby whose beautiful melody has entranced me most thus far. Though I love all games, my fondness for visual novels and fighting games is as deep as the ocean's trenches and as pure as light reflected through diamonds."


"Music... Ongaku, as they refer to it in a foreign land I once had the pleasure of visiting. As an up and coming lord of darkness, it's natural that my tastes would be highly refined. I have a great preference for rock and metal. At the moment, the tragically disbanded My Chemical Romance holds the dearest place in my heart. But I am privy to any "emo" music. Yes, the appreciation of song might be one of humanity's greatest unifiers. It's something even I find myself envious of."


"Alas, my time in this forsaken rift between worlds has left me... Ignorant, shall I say, when it comes to movies. Shows can be chipped away at, episode by episode, novels, chapter by chapter, but my responsibilities as the next lord of darkness have left me with no sum of time large enough to consume an entire movie in a single sitting. However, despite my noble status, I'm open to recommendations from the common people. As a King must know his People, so too must I understand and learn from my future underlings."


"All who have enjoyed the pleasure of meeting with the successor to the current lord of darkness can recount with ease his various tales regarding televised media. However, owing to my time spent in the eponymous island region, I developed a love for Japanese cartoons, also known as anime, above all else. Of this genre, the world renowned Code Geass is my most treasured show above all. The tragic tale of the protagonist-turned-antagonist Lelouch Lamperouge and his rival and longtime friend Suzaku Kururugi is one that will live on in my heart forever, long after the extinction of humanity and the complete erosion of their words from this planet."


"Though I have read my fair share of traditional books, literature such as the original Dracula or The Count of Monte Cristo being some of my personal favorites, my true fascination lies within the realm of visual novels. Unenlightened minds such as my disdainful older brother are often quick to dismiss these tales, but any who have reached this page are sure to be wiser than he. The foolish prince knows naught of high literature, the likes of Fate/Stay Night and Umineko. Even more obscure, but equally as incredible stories would be Higurashi, Tsukihime, and even the infamous Subarashiki Hibi."


"They say, "The hero is the man who lets no obstacle prevent him from pursuing the values he has chosen." But is this not true of villains as well? Yes, we all see ourselves as heroes. Any man who claims otherwise is merely fleeing from the truth buried within his heart. Good and evil are relative, and to fight for your ideals against those who oppose them is the foundation of humanity's endless struggle against itself. In this regard, the Me of tomorrow will always be my hero, and the Me of yesterday will always be my nemesis."

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About me:

"My name is Trevor Ushiromiya. I am an aspiring lord of darkness from Bakersfield, California. Cooler than coldest ice, and risen from darkness thrice, I am wicked in every sense of the word. Peruse my profile if you dare, but I cannot guarantee the safety of any who indulges their worldly senses with the contents of my account."

Who I'd like to meet:

"Who I'd like to meet? ...Yes, I suppose there is one who fits that description. The one responsible for taking everything away from me, all those years ago. Though, it is inaccurate to say I'd simply "like" to meet him again. The truth is, our reunion is inevitable. I will do everything in my power to reclaim that which he stole from me so long ago. This, I swear."

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I miss you, sweet dark prince.

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Wacky Alex

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Hello again. Hope you are having a great summer!

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Errrrmmm What the scallop

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my boy Mr. Words

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