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if u wanna know what i think that i am, i think that im just a rock chick... i like to rock out, i like to throw shit around, i like to go nuts, i like to lose myself on stage, i like to scream, i like to holler, i like to break things, i like to yell, i like to get my anger out... jk LOL (if u get the reference bmf) ANYWAYSS I LOVEEEE PINK!!! (if it wasnt obvious lol), animal print, fashion, binge watching my fave series and movies, shopping, daydreaming, hanging out w my friends, juicy couture, big chunky bags, blogging, music, surfing da netttt, being stuck in 2009


i'd say my music taste is pretty versatile, i'll listen to anything from pop music, to rock (occasionally, when im feeling a bit emo), and everything else in between! i also LOVEE europop, electronic music, hip hop, hyperpop and the list goes on and on... the only genres i dont like are classical (who even listens to classical music anyways) and country (the only exception is taylor swift)- artists i listen to: rihanna, katy perry, britney spears, selena gomez, millionaires, ke$ha, taylor swift, justin bieber, demi lovato, lady gaga, heidi montag, beyonce, nicki minaj, miley cyrus, mariah carey, nelly furtado, destiny's child, the black eyed peas, brokencyde, yabujin, ayesha erotica, BOTDF, jeffree star, dot dot curve, the medic droid, metro station, deftones, lana del rey & more! also important note bc i feel like some yall r gonna "cancel" me after this- i wanna make it very clear that i do NOT support any problematic artists on this list, i only like their music!! thank u


mean girls, jennifers body, wild child, 13 going on 30, twilight, orphan, white chicks, pitch perfect, legally blonde, the house bunny, easy A, princess diaries, 10 things i hate about you, princess protection program, jawbreaker, freaky friday, clueless, the hot chick, just my luck, raise your voice, another cinderella story, miss congeniality, the devil wears prada, bring it on, a cinderella story, monte carlo, how to lose a guy in 10 days, charlie's angels and more...


gossip girl, pretty little liars, gilmore girls, keeping up with the kardashians, the simple life, desperate housewives, buffy the vampire slayer, glee, jersey shore, classic disney shows


hunger games, the woman in me


britney spears and my mama <3

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About me:

SUP PPL OF MYSPACE!! im aria and im ur local 18 yr old cyberspace superstar! i love EVERYTHING 2000s, the fashion, music, pop culture, tech, u name it, i love it! i'll be forever petty that i wasnt a teen in 2009 like i was meant to be x_x ANYWAYSS im always open to making new friends so dont be afraid to hit me up, i wont bite... too hard ;)... who knows we might even become besties!! (especially if ure also a 2000s mcbling enthusiast, in that case we're already besties sorry i dont make the rules!!)

Who I'd like to meet:

preferably other mcbling, scene, emo etc baddies who are stuck in 2009!! or ppl with similar interests or just anyone really... everyone is welcome <3- unless ure a total weirdo, in that case GTFO!! dont need to make a 10 page dni list, u know who u are. (also dni if ure under 16 or over 30 thx. if u seem cool enough tho i MIGHT accept ur friend request. also if ure 15 turning 16 this yr youre good) HOT EMO GUYS HMU!!! XOXOX

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Ree </3

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Your profile is so cute! Thanks for the add <3

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 ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆'s profile picture

THX EVERY1 FOR THE NICE COMMENTSS <33 im too lazy to reply to every single comment sry about that lol

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☆ P slice <3

☆ P slice <3's profile picture

cuntiest profile i've ever seeeenn xx

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thank uuu!! xoxo

by ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆; ; Report


𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖔𝖓𝖎𝖔's profile picture

thx 4 the add!! profile is serving

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musical_cacophony's profile picture

i'm a simple person, i see rihanna on your pfp, i click💋💋

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YASS!! luv riri so much <33

by ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆; ; Report

rea 💋💗💟💓

rea 💋💗💟💓's profile picture


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by ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆; ; Report

lulu ☆

lulu ☆'s profile picture

Thanks for the add guuurl ! ;3 u rock!

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❀𝐸𝓁𝑒𝓀𝓉𝓇𝒶❀ ❀𝑀𝒸𝒬𝓊𝑒𝑒𝓃❀

❀𝐸𝓁𝑒𝓀𝓉𝓇𝒶❀ ❀𝑀𝒸𝒬𝓊𝑒𝑒𝓃❀'s profile picture

Hi, love your profile..🌸💖🌸

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xoxsophixoxo's profile picture

i loveee ur profile!! also i customized my laptop cuz of u

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TYYY! omg thats so cool i gots to see ur laptop!!

by ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆; ; Report


c's profile picture

omg your profile is so pretty i love it!

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Barbz ⋆ ★

Barbz ⋆ ★'s profile picture

Litz obsessed with uuuu!!ur vibes r soo IT I luvvv

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notahollabackgurl's profile picture

omg i luv long way 2 go!! i totes recommend every Buffy fan to watch angel its so good (and im not saying that becuz i luv him lol)

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YESSS long way 2 go is my jam!! & omg i didnt know angel had his own show?? im so gonna watch it just for him bc he's TOTALLY HOT <3 lol

by ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆; ; Report


⭒✮⭒𝓩𝓲𝓟𝓟𝓨⭒✮⭒'s profile picture

Dope Pageeeee :D Wish I could live in it haha

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Neat page!

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Natalie Nokia

Natalie Nokia's profile picture

thanx 4 the add !! luv ur profile its super cute !!

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sadiexo ☆

sadiexo ☆'s profile picture

i TOTALLY love ur profile layout, its so cool im literally OBSESSED!!

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omg tysm!! <33

by ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆; ; Report


フィン's profile picture

Thx for the add!! My Im’s don’t work for some unknown reason… but I’d absolutely LOVE to to be friends! <3

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ofc!! and i'd love 2 be friends w u aswell, u seem rly cool!

by ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆; ; Report


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i absolutely LOVE your profile layout and the 2000's theme, so fetch

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thank u!! <33

by ☆TotallyBlingedOut☆; ; Report


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