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💃 Dancing 🎤 Karaoke 👯‍♀️ Hanging with my BFF Katie 🌸 Positive Vibes 🎉 Party Planning 🍔 Food 📸 Making Memories


Britney Spears 👑 Taylor Swift 🎤 Ariana Grande 🌟 Backstreet Boys 🕺 One Direction 🎶 NSYNC 🎵 Journey 🌄 Queen 👑 ABBA 🌈 Smash Mouth 🎤 Walk The Moon 🌙 Maroon 5 🎉 Daft Punk 🤖 Calvin Harris 🎧 David Guetta 🎶 Spice Girls ✌️ Destiny's Child 👯‍♀️ TLC 🎤 Bruno Mars 🕺 Pharrell Williams 🎩


Legally Blonde 💖 Pitch Perfect 🎤 Mamma Mia! 🌟 Clueless 😄 The Princess Diaries 👑 Mean Girls 👯‍♀️ Hairspray 💃 Enchanted ✨ Grease 🕺 Cinderella (2015) 👠 Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 👖 13 Going on 30 ✨ The Devil Wears Prada 👠 Footloose 🎶 Legends of the Fall 🌄 Crazy Stupid Love 💔


Glee 🎵 The Bold Type 💄 Jane the Virgin 👶 Gilmore Girls ☕ New Girl 🏠 Friends 👯‍♂️ The Great British Bake Off 🍰 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 🎙️ Parks and Recreation 🌳 Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist 🎶 Dance Moms 💃 The Good Place 👼 Younger 💼 The Bachelor/Bachelorette 💕 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 🌈 Total Drama Island (duh!) 🏝️


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Sadie's Blurbs

About me:

Parody Account

Hey there, fellow SpaceHey explorers! 👋 It's your girl Sadie, bringing all the energy and friendship vibes from the iconic Total Drama series! 🎉💃 Whether we're hanging out at Camp Wawanakwa or just navigating the cosmic chaos of life, you can bet I'll always be that bubbly ray of sunshine keeping spirits high!

🎈 About Me 🎈

I'm all about laughter, fun, and unforgettable moments! You know me as one half of the inseparable "Katie and Sadie" duo – we're practically sisters! 💖 While my BFF Katie and I might be the ultimate package deal, I'm here to show that I'm a superstar in my own right. From epic challenges to heart-to-heart chats by the campfire, I'm all ears when it comes to building connections and forming unbreakable bonds.

🌈 What Makes Me Shine 🌈

💃 Dancing Dynamo: I've got some killer dance moves that can light up any party! 💃 Let's hit the dance floor and groove like nobody's watching.
🎤 Karaoke Queen: Whether it's belting out pop hits or serenading the moon, karaoke is my jam. 🎶 Join me for a duet or let's start a karaoke showdown!
🤝 BFF Adventures: Katie and I are the dynamic duo, and we're always up for new escapades and making memories that'll last a lifetime.

🔮 What's Next? 🔮

I'm on a quest to spread positivity across SpaceHey and beyond! Let's chat about our favorite Total Drama moments, dream destinations, or even our go-to snack choices – because bonding over the little things is what it's all about. Together, we'll turn each day into a new adventure and create a community that's as tight-knit as a Camp Wawanakwa alliance.

💬 Let's Connect! 💬

Drop me a message, share your stories, and let's embark on an intergalactic journey of friendship and good times. 🚀 Can't wait to get to know all you awesome peeps out there! Remember, with Sadie around, every day is a reason to celebrate! 🎉🎉🎉

Stay fab, stay fierce, and keep spreading those positive vibes! ✨

Who I'd like to meet:

📺 Total Drama Enthusiasts: If you can quote every dramatic moment, every challenge mishap, and every hilarious Chef outburst, then we're already off to a fantastic start! Let's relive our favorite TD episodes and swap theories on who should've won each season. 🏆🎬

🎉 Party Planners Extraordinaire: If you know how to turn a simple gathering into the ultimate dance party or karaoke showdown, then you're my kind of person! Let's brainstorm epic theme nights and discuss the art of having a blast together. 🎤🕺

👯‍♀️ BFF Hunters: Are you on the hunt for a BFF who's all about support, laughter, and shared dreams? Look no further! I'm here to fill that role and create memories that'll make our bond stronger than Owen's appetite! 🍔💞

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Where's Katie?

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She's being LAME and hasn't made a Spacehey yet lol. Maybe you can convince her to make one?

by Sadie; ; Report

your law bestie izzy!

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by Sadie; ; Report


by your law bestie izzy!; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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💕 💞

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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💖 ✨

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