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like I said I'm really interested in story games, also games like Undertale, Minecraft, The stanley parable, and Dark souls, but I also like violent games like, God of war, Assassin's creed, Friday the 13th, Dead by daylight, Mortal kombat, and etc!! I also like many Youtubers like Corykenshin, Kubz scout, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, berleezy, yaboyroshi, Imdontai, Dashie, Dwayne N Jazz, Danplan, Dantdm, again etc!! I also like Drawing, animating, making and playing music, and telling jokes!! I also like a lot of anime, too many to count but some would be, Bsd, Dragon ball, Jjk, Csm, Banana fish, One piece, naruto, bleach, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Also please watch Milgram its so good 100% (Idk why I'm putting so much work into this account this is only an alt acc.)


Just Check out The playlist me and my Boyfriend made >> https://open.spotify.com/playlist/23Oah1yAGYTMzqiF9OGt1k?si=323268fde81241c5 I listen to Milgram (the song project, duh), air supply, Mitski, will wood, tv girl, pinnochio-p, deco*27, the crane wives, Tyler the creator, the notorious big, Tupac, Busta rhymes, Metallica, a bunch of David Lee Roth songs, just heavy metal, and uhhhh yk Rnb? I'm a theater kid so I also listen to lots of broadway musicals like Hamilton, dear evan hansen, wicked, Mean girls, heather, Beatle juice, Six, and Chicago broadway!!


Hmmm well The lion king, Hercules, Meet the Robinsons, Princess and the frog, Mulan, Flushed away, and Brother bear!! I don't have too many favorite movies ;P


Doctor who, and Danny phantom, 100% go watch it please it has been my favorite ever since I was little. I guess also some newer shows like toh, Arcane, amphibia, Kipo, She-ra, Kids cosmic, over the garden wall, Infinity train, The last avatar and legend of kora, O.K K.O, Bluey, and 12 forever. while some old shows like Star vs the force of evil, Adventure time, steven universe, Hilda, Gravity falls, Ducktales, Animaniacs, Garfield, Powerpuff girls, Criag of creek, etc!! and a lot of adult shows like Rick and Morty, Inside job, Southpark, Bojack horseman, family guy, bobs burgers, Samurai Jack, F is for Family, Mortal Orel, Boondocks, and yadayada


Song of Achilles...


I'm more of a villain lover muahahaha!! (I am so incredibly lonely)

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About me:

Uhhhhh I'm slightly stupid and forgot about my hobbies, give me an hour. Ok, I won't be telling my age but I'm black and Guatemalan ( I don't live there though), I also have a boyfriend!! and I’m probably dyslexic so give me some time to spell things out? I'm also gay and trans!! I used to play hockey, do boxing, and attend karate classes, but now I just play my electric guitar ig? I love lots of horror games,including otome horror games!! ALSO IDENTITY V I'VE BEEN PLAYING IT SINCE IT FIRST CAME OUT!! PLEASE CONSIDER PLAYING IT!!

Who I'd like to meet:

People who are interested in story games like Twdg’s, Detroit becomes humans, beyond two souls, heavy rain, life is strange, the last of us, the wolf among us, Minecraft story mode, and just any games that involve acts of violence.

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