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"discording (user dumbhomo)"

add us on discord: dumbhomo

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Mood: im feeling like u sould look at myrentry (/nekothefag)

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horror, OBJECT SHOWS!!, theater, band, art, vocaloid, pizza tower, nso/ngo, omori, starters, video games, pokemon, Splatoon, homestuck, vast error, lots of mspfa s, mlp, lost medias, ARGs, undertale/deltarune, ena and WAYY more


https://www.last.fm/user/Dumbsimps + WAY more,,,


sonic movie(s), lost boys, project X, lego movie, mario movie, muppets, madoka magica, + lots of anime movies, and more


Fullmetal Alchemist, bluey, mlp, last of us, FLCL, Serial Experiments Lain, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Lucky Star, Kill la Kill, Helluva Boss, Total Drama, Hilda, muppets Show, gravity Falls, steven universe, pokemon, sonic series, watamote, madoka magica, ok k.o, Saiki k, and MOREE


tbhk, homestuck, saiki k, LOTS OF BOOKS OF MOVIES/SERIES I LIKE!!, and way more


my friends :: julian, jinx, ember, vin, mega pearl (aka mpreg) +MORE!!! + the silly ppl who adoptioned me in school +THE COOL PPL WE DOMY TALK 2 ANY MORE :(

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About me:

Natural im the host of a udd sys // he/it/meow/dose/chew/pill/blood/internet 4 the most part!!! //SUCK at speeling // may or may not b insane,,,,,, //V SILLY!!! // //i like a LOT of things!!!! \\ DumbHomo#2964 layout: https://layouts.spacehey.com/layout?id=28790

Who I'd like to meet:

PLZ ADD ME!!!!! //CANONMATES!!! // ppl who find me cool,,, // ppl who like what i like // and uhhh cool ppl?? // gay FAGS (ily same) // discord - dumbhomo rentry.co/nekothefag

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ty for the add!! u seem super cool! :3 I LOVE UR XENOSSS

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YAYAYAYAY TY u seem rly cool 2 (amd u can steal some xenos if u want !!!! :3

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jesse ★

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ur profile is so cute !! ^_^ i love the colorsss

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yayayayayay thanks u!!!!!!1 urs is rly cool 2!!

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