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the future is NOW. endorphinport

°ga, usa°
video games, guitar, skateboarding, art, foraging and botany, fashioning pcs from old parts, 🦐, libertarian socialist, lover of punk and diy••
avid supporter of early internet content, preservation, and history.


i'm a sucker for most styles of metal and punk lol
90s hardcore, deathcore, grindcore, metalcore, post-hardcore, screamo/skramz, etc... but beyond the heavier realm of music I love city pop, ambient, folk, math rock, indie rock, experimental rap, hyper pop, new wave, shoegaze, etc... I'm missing a lot but ya get the picture. 😳 some of my all time favorites (in no order) areeee
•algernon cadwallader
•neil perry
•jeff rosenstock
•kendrick lamar
•the cure
•the brave little abacus
•lil ugly mane
•elliott smith


cheesy b movies really fill my heart with joy. anything that's incomprehensible, absurd, low budget, or all three. ESPECIALLY STONER COMEDIES. horror, A24 films, and music docs, too. •little nicky •the florida project •the devil and daniel johnston •good burger •spirited away •howl's moving castle •the mist •fantastic planet •grandma's boy •hesher •misery •28 days later •the search for animal chin •lords of dogtown •wristcutters: a love story •slc punk •the deer hunter •the lighthouse •sleepaway camp •return to sleepaway camp •eternal sunshine of the spotless mind •scooby-doo •last life in the universe •akira •jacob's ladder •good time •bad trip •jackass •the lobster •i got five on it(the complete trilogy) •walk hard: the dewey cox story •the decline of western civilization •hated: gg allin and the murder junkies •sorry to bother you •the texas chainsaw massacre 2 •parasite •five centimeters per second •uncut gems •tekkonkinkreet •dead alive •oldboy •the evil dead trilogy •natural born killers •clerks •mallrats


•nathan for you •the shivering truth •the eric andre show •squidbillies •south park •anything Tim & Eric adjacent •shameless •barry •euphoria •the boys(the comics are definitely better) honestly, i don't watch TV much. i typically prefer old, fringe YouTube content made by "outsider artists", cooking content, foraging, skateboarding, political commentary, and speedruns.


uhhhhh, i'm totally a real gamer. 🤪 this definitely isn't a comprehensive list. •thps 4 •thug 1&2 •katamari damacy •we love katamari •final fantasy 7,9,10, and 15 •soul caliber 2 •the mgs series •kingdom hearts •pokemon xd: gale of darkness •1st - 5th gen pokemon •resident evil 2 - 4, and 7 •star wars: racer •skate 2 •session •black ops 2 •shadow of the colossus •kengo: master of bushido •ghost of tsushima •tekken 6 & 7 •mvc2 •red dead redemption 1 & 2 • elden ring



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About me:

• hiii, i'm sean • thanks for stopping by❤
howdy, i'm a dumb punk, struggling to survive economic downturn and coming to terms with the inevitable collapse of the human race
i buy too many band shirts lol
c'est la vie

Who I'd like to meet:

"the tragedy of life is that man is never free yet strives for what he can never be. the thing most feared in secret always happens. my life, my loves, where are they now? but the more the pain grows, the more this instinct for life somehow asserts itself. the necessary beauty in life is in giving yourself to it completely. only later will it clarify itself and become coherent."

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Welcome to the Sad Boys Club

Welcome to the Sad Boys C...'s profile picture

YESS! shotmaker song!! How are you?

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kev_from_work's profile picture

heyo thanks for accepting 🤙🏻 really big fan of your page! gengar is one of my favorite pokemon. would definitefly like to chat and know how you set up your page

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thank you so much!! i'd be happy to help, but you may have to bear with me because I'm horrible at explaining. haha

by miasma theory; ; Report

Ðꧧï©åtêÐ ©ø®þ§ê

Ðꧧï©åtêÐ ©ø®þ§ê's profile picture

Thanks for adding.

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Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture

Thanks for the Add!

Please try the radio channel. FunHouseRadio.com

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𝕤𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥's profile picture

just wanna say your page is crazy cool, probably the coolest one i've seen on this site

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oh my god thank you so much!! i spent a lot of time revamping it recently so it means a lot to hear that. :)
your layout looks incredible as well! i can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it.

by miasma theory; ; Report


l3pr0sy's profile picture

THXX 4 4DD1NG M3!!!1! x3

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thank you for the request! :)

by miasma theory; ; Report


exxogenesiis's profile picture

thanks for the add and the viper memes in your profile could always use more of those also sick music shoutout brave little abacus discomfort is a good album and also glass beach and 100 gecs make me crazy brrrrbrrrbrr seeing gecs in october stokedaf

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thanks for accepting! :) you're the first person to acknowledge my wall of viper! lmao
sourcing and manually resizing all of them suddenly feels worth it.
thank you! you as well! origami angel, casio dad, and yves tumor are all incredible too. gotttt damn I've always wanted to see the geccers live but I wasn't sure if their shows are wild enough. lmk how the concert goes!

by miasma theory; ; Report


xVIVIVIx's profile picture

thanks 4 the add!

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Schmidi✿t's profile picture

Love the page and vibes! Glad you accepted the friend request. Maybe we can chat up music sometime!

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ahhh thank you so much! likewise. :)
feel free to message me whenever

by miasma theory; ; Report

sarah ♡

sarah ♡'s profile picture

thanks for adding! ♡
hope ur well & had a great weekend!!
i love your page

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hxllxw-eyez's profile picture

Tyyy fr the add, i whole heartedly agree with the "BORN TO DI E WORLD IS A FUCK 鬼神 Kill Em All 1989 I am trash man 410,757,864,530 DEAD COPS" but also "BORN TO SHIT FORCED TO WIPE"

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i tried so many times to post the infamous picture of buff Luigi that says "That's how it is on this bitch of an earth" because of how fitting it was, but spacehey won't allow images in comments. haha
oh, well. :)
thanks for accepting my request!

by miasma theory; ; Report


StephanieDTV's profile picture

Hello friend!
I love that your music taste is all over the place. Mine is too.
What’s your top stoner movie pick??

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I saw that you liked Prince Daddy and I had to add you! :)
haha, that's a tough question!
Mac and Devin Go To Highschool is one that I've watched with my friends an unhealthy amount of times, but I think the I Got Five On It trilogy takes the cake for being so stupid and endlessly rewatchable.

by miasma theory; ; Report

Relish Ubiquitous

Relish Ubiquitous's profile picture

Thank you for your add! (◠‿◠)

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thanks for accepting! you have a very eclectic taste of hobbies and music. :)

by miasma theory; ; Report

k i n z

k i n z's profile picture

Thanks for the add! (:

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of course! :)

by miasma theory; ; Report


ThisIsHistory's profile picture

Thanks for the add and awesome taste man

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same, dude! i never expected to meet anyone on here who likes algernon. lmk if you ever want to share some recommendations. :)

by miasma theory; ; Report

Hell yeah man, I'm always down

by ThisIsHistory; ; Report


~Fr@Nk~'s profile picture

Thanks for the add! You got a really nice layout I like the aesthetic.

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thank you so much! :) likewise

by miasma theory; ; Report


DarkMiryam's profile picture

Thank you very much for adding me! I wanted to do it with a Blingee but I don't remember the code... I worked too much with JavaScript and I completely forgot all the rest xD

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thank you! i know how you feel. coding my profile caused me far too much stress. lol

by miasma theory; ; Report

Nikkie I

Nikkie I 's profile picture

Hiii! I’m so sorry about that! I was going through the motions trying to find new people to add and I accidentally unadded you and didn’t realize it said “remove friend” until it was too late! Hope you’re well!!

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Los Jamiltons

Los Jamiltons's profile picture

Hola cowboy, How are you?!!! thanks for accepting us. Gretting from Argentina !!!
check our blog for more music ;)

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aaronxcore's profile picture

Thanks for the add!!
Diggin’ the profile and solid taste in tunes! 🤘🏽

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likewise, dude! it's great meeting so many like-minded people on here! :)

by miasma theory; ; Report

It really is!

by aaronxcore; ; Report