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"sup whores"

16, lacrosse pro, STRAIGHT

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lacrosse, girls, sports, beating up losers, hooking up


eminem. best rapper ever.


i love action movies, guns are cool as shit


i dunno i guess south park is funny.


reading is for dorks anyway.


my football coach!

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About me:

hmu for some percocet. hot chicks only.

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone i guess. except homeless people. i HATE homeless people.

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would you jump off a building for a girl? just curious x

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by Kylar; ; Report


by SAGE; ; Report

✦ Angel 𓎢𓎡 Nicole

✦ Angel 𓎢𓎡 Nicole's profile picture

I fucking love eminem holy shit

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yeah he fuckin rocks

by Kylar; ; Report


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Kyler why the fuck are you friending me

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well you fuckin added me back so idk why ur complaining

by Kylar; ; Report

Fair point, just don’t take it as a sign to talk to me at school

by Nicole; ; Report


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can you be useful and sell me some perc

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dude dont talk about it in public.. fucking idiot

by Kylar; ; Report

it's literally on your profile, dumbass

by jecka; ; Report

oh shit yeah ur right

by Kylar; ; Report


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Lacrosse? Seriously Lil bro chill for a minute

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whats wrong with lacrosse

by Kylar; ; Report


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who the fuck even plays lacrosse anymore

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fuckin cool people thats who. your just jealous

by Kylar; ; Report

it's you're* see this is why u can't read the word fish

by kangxo; ; Report

dude shut up

by Kylar; ; Report

maybe after you shave your head

by kangxo; ; Report

why the fuck would i do that

by Kylar; ; Report

your hair looks like a bird's nest btw

by kangxo; ; Report


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Heyy Kylar ;b (is an emo twink)

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dude what the hell

by Kylar; ; Report


‎‧₊˚✧Ruby✧˚₊‧'s profile picture

Get off MySpace, no one wants ur micro penis

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bro crispin is the one with the three incher not me

by Kylar; ; Report

His skateboard wounds are more interesting than ur interests

by ‎‧₊˚✧Ruby✧˚₊‧; ; Report


by Kylar; ; Report


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hey kylar!!

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shut the fuck up

by Kylar; ; Report

zep ✩!

zep ✩!'s profile picture

kylar u dont sound straight to me

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how the hell do i not sound straight i literally like girls?

by Kylar; ; Report

idk man its smth ab u

by zep ✩!; ; Report

whatever you're probably just really slow

by Kylar; ; Report


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kylar what if i said im jeffery in disguise

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you better not be or im gonna beat your ass

by Kylar; ; Report

oh shit

by ronniecakes; ; Report