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"I swear to a rose."

Stopping by to enjoy the roses.

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It is impossible to restrain oneself from giving praise to things imbued with beauty. Such objects are akin to potted plants that happen to bask beneath dazzling starlight, combined with the light lustering on their leaves and the soil that yet breathes... I will name it "blooming life."


My childhood memories are filled with the fires of war. I once found an ocarina in my shelter, and its sound granted me many comforts, helping me endure that arduous period. For me, the Beauty is the continuation of that ocarina's sound.


The dazzling array of entertainment offered by the IPC is quite staggering, but I regularly struggle with making sense of it all.


Perhaps one day someone with experience will show me the ropes.


I've heard tales of warriors on a certain planet rubbing book pages over artificial limbs in order to infuse knowledge directly into their nervous systems. It sounds so outlandish, and yet I find the idea quite inspired.


The Knights of Beauty traverses the cosmos. Our members are scattered as they each work to spread the good name of the Beauty and uphold the Aeon's honor, so that all who live can know of their existence.

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About me:

My name is Argenti, I belong to the Knights of Beauty, and I offer this rose to convey my heartfelt salutations. Before you begin viewing my profile, please forgive me for asking so bluntly: Do you know of the goddess Idrila, the Beauty?

Dancing Red Rose

Who I'd like to meet:

Each Knight of Beauty holds different responsibilities. and our feelings and attitudes toward the Beauty are equally varied and complex. Though I am ashamed to say, I have been alone on my sojourn across the stars for a long time, and I have grown used to being alone. As such, if someone needs help, even if they are someone not known to me, I have a duty to do all I can to help them escape their situation. Of course, I also look forward to meeting and making heartfelt friends across the universe.

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I love the rose theme! Kinda subtle tho!/pos/silly

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Ruby .•.•.★

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It's Thanksgiving.

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Charl☆tte *・。*・

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You're so gorgeous! Are we the real Guns and Roses? /j

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Well, I thank you dearly. If you'd like, I would happily be the exquisite rose to your beguiling gun.

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