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"watching mushroom girl!!!1! (゚▽゚*)♪"

16 || usa || they/them || :3

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art || music || indie animation || writing || character design || improv comedy || stand up comedy || shitposting || rollerskating || wandersong || fnaf || jsab || cookie run kingdom || garten of banban || ddlc || venturiantale || mario: the music box || andy's apple farm || touhou || kinitoPET || playtime with percy || class of '09 || patapon || vaporwave || candygore || kawaii goth || any alt subgenre


twenty one pilots || noahfinnce || jack stauber || crystal castles || penelope scott || ghost and pals || natewantstobattle || vane lily || tx2 || 6arelyhuman || kets4eki || mother mother || melanie martinez || kikuo || lemon demon || sodikken || nashimoto-p || ikigusare idols || treatsforbeasts || ennaria || evelyn evelyn


studio ghibli movies || the mitchells vs the machines || klaus || the willoughbys || next gen || trolls || k-12 || the fnaf movie || coraline || avatar || a whisker away || words bubble up like soda pop || the lego movie


the pink corruption || tawog || disenchantment || dead end paranormal park || bugbo || ruby gloom || invader zim || forbidden song || k-on || demon slayer || object shows || hilda || bob's burgers || the cuphead show || daria || ena || lacey's games || pop team epic || komi can't communicate || bee and puppycat || spooky month


tokyo mew mew || death note || a silent voice || the silver eyes || fazbear frights || harry potter


tyler joseph || brittany robinson || the huang twins || penelope scott || thomas sanders || onetopic ||  joan s. || yub || satomi hinatsu || sodikken || hayao miyazaki || stan lee

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About me:


HELLO!1!1!!1 (≧ω≦)/

my name is goldey!!1!1

i also go by trash and/or guts!!1! /srs

i go by THEY/THEM pronouns!!! (≧▽≦)

i have adhd1!!1!!

i also have undiagnosed autism!1!! (✧◡✧)

i am a copinglink!1!!1!


{pin, liy, pear, hex, r0n, the settings person, iris, circubit, miriam, airy, andy, kinito}

i am very silly and goofy!!1!! (。’▽’。)

i AM a hamster!1!!1 

i'm a satanist!!1!1!

i'm a tone indicator user!!1!1! (ㆁωㆁ*)

always feel free to message me!!!1! (⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)


Who I'd like to meet:

anyone tbh!! (≧∇≦)

especially fellow brittany robinson and venturiantale fans though!!11!

also object show, andy's apple farm, cookie run kingdom, and wandersong fans!1!!1! (^o^)/

i promise i'm not a friend collector!!1!1 just excited to meet new people!1!!1 ^^"

anti-inspo and anti-kin please dni!!


blinkies and stamps:

current profile theme:

blue java banana (the heroic six) 

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The Atlanta Monsters

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FANGS for the VLAD!!!! Ah ah ah 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇

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no prob!!! you guys seem super awesome!!! (>U<)/

by Goldey The Hamster; ; Report

† kiwi

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thank you so much!! you're super cool too!!1!1 (★ᴗ★)

by Goldey The Hamster; ; Report

🜏 kyle

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*devours ur whole profile* oopsie..... :3

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UWAHHH!!1! (>_<*)

by Goldey The Hamster; ; Report


Razputin's profile picture

Your profile is super cool and I love,JSAB!!

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oh hey thanks!!!1!1 i also love jsab it's such a cool game!1!!1 idk if you've heard of it but the pink corruption is really cool too!!!1!!1 (^。^)

by Goldey The Hamster; ; Report

Skyler Dem'ness

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Hey, thanks for sending a friend request! You look like a really cool person!

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thank you and no problem!! you seem really cool too!!! :3!!!

by Goldey The Hamster; ; Report


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Hew0 !!! Y0ur pr0f1le iz s00000 c00l !!!

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omg thank you!1!!1! ^^ i love pear soooo much so it was really fun to get a layout and song that matched them!!1! X3!!11

by Goldey The Hamster; ; Report