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"Currently playing: [Homestuck Vol. 10] 11. Moonsweater"

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Mood: The prince of Lust, layer of hell.

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★Current hyperfixations: Ultrakill, Sugaryspire, Horror/Surreal media, "biblically accurate angels" (They're 1st triad angels excuse you), 2000's things, obscure media, Homestuck, FAITH, Strawberries (Comfort food), half-life, TF2, etc!
★Special interests: OFF (and any other fangame), RPGmaker games (Especially surreal and horror ones), LBP1-3, Rainbow figures, Pizza tower, Sugary spire,2000's things, Homestuck, etc!
★ Likes: Strawberries, Neon dark blue, barn owls, snakes, Crested geckos, cats, fried eggs, Winter, Hardcore music, breakcore music, Lovecore / Webcore Aesthetic, VHS gifs / aesthetic, AntonBlast, The stanely parable, etc!
★Dislikes / discomforts: Sudden dms / Pings, Loud audio without warning, Jumpscares, NSFW topics / media, etc


★Music artists: Lemon demon, Tally hall, Renard (Dont support), The quick brown fox, Hot freaks, lil hero, Her's, MSI, Miracal musical, Paperkitty, Sylendanna, Alice glass, The cardigans, The Rah band, Mac DeMarco, Rio romeo, Wonder girls, Toby fox, TV girl, Tyler the creator, The Marias, Djo, Mom (The band), Mother mother, Lamp, Kali ushis, Wham!, Masayoshi Takanaka, Steve lacy, The garden, Bo en, etc


★My romantic Partners: Jest, etc
★My Close Friends: Clunky, Chub_Ghost, etc
★Favorite Artist: @ashy-black-cat on Tumblr, @thatoneharvey on twitter, @AcmeeArts on twitter, @PodgePie On twitter, @al_pansi on twitter, @heart_puff on twitter, @Rascal_Rose on twitter, @DUCK_T0PIA on twitter, @_itousa on twitter, @Rcse_bud on twitter, @MortisGhost on twitter, @zedleaked on twitter, etc


★Current favorite songs: ENDLESS queer by renard, DIAL TONE by that kid, She's homeless by CreepP, Big flirt by lil hero, hsbf by hot freaks, Death city by 6arelyHuman, What do they know by MSI, Cyber dance By GoGoGirls,, Bimbo doll my tila tsoli, Run the dog by Paperkitty (SugarySpire), In the afternoon by the cardigans, Sam the samba man by the Rah band, etc!!


★Hopes and dreams: To become a freelance artist / writer / voice actor / Game dev, Open a cafe, live in a apartment, have pizza tower / sugary spire / ultrakill / FAITH merch, etc


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About me:

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It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!
//origanal layout made by !!𖤐Sleepy_Gh0st𖤐!!//ㅤ

★Hihii! Im Samson (Aka Loveday, Altier, etc) and im a Host in a C-DID system called the Static.ZIP folder system (.ZIP folder or 🌈💻SYS for short!). I'm a digital artist who adores pixel-like media and loves 2000's web things!

My Pronouns, genders, and Sexualities!
Transmasc Casiboy (Genderhoarder / Axenlector)
Queer, Polygamous
More info about me!
★Nitro Commissions: Open!
★Art trades: Open!
★System rentry:
★Discord tag: SincerelySam#6418
★PizzaClub discord Server:
My Playlist(s):

My Stamps collection:

Who I'd like to meet:

★Coolio folks i'd love to meet: Pizza tower / sugary spire fans, FAITH and ULTRAKILL Fans, LISA the painful Fans, OFF fans, Homestuck fans, artists, other autistic folks like me, other systems, etc!
★DNI: Bigots, Proshippers / comshippers / dead dove folks, NSFW folks, Toxic people or overall assholes, etc!

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★// Awww thank youu111 :]

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You have a cool profile!

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★// Thank youu!1!!1!!! i worked reeeally hard on it!!1!!!! :9

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THX 4 DA ADD KEWL KAT ! ! . . [ JAM ON ! ] ^___^

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Anytime!! you too!! <]

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Woah your Profile is so funky

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Thank youuuu!! <]

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THANK YOU BABYYY!!! BLBLBLB,..,,., *kisskisskiss*

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