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various indie games, horror visual novels, anime, cosplaying, sketching, true crime podcasts/docs (we shouldn't be romanticizing serial killers), roleplaying (sometimes), CSS/HTML coding (but i suck), anything art-related (art. art art art), birds, astronomy

Danganronpa, YttD, FNaF, Azumanga Daioh, Parasite Days, White Island, Beyond the Bounds, ALTER EGO, AppSir, Ace Attorney, Magical Girl Critical!, random law facts, history, Minecraft, NomNomNami

i listen to music while i drawedgy things tend to get my attentionprocrastination is my specialtyi love cute thingsi love Hello KittyCRUSH MEmilk loverreal men like Sanriomost likely to end up dead in the woodsthe LGBT doesn't promote p*dophiliaPRO SHIPPERS FUCK OFFa computer beat me at chess, but not at kockboxingWindows Vistasorry, my mind's out of ordernot humanYOU ARE AN IDIOTmahou shojo in trainingtoo magical for your bullsh*ti love making charactersFNAFi support having a million different stamps that say the same thingDoki Doki Literature Clubanti-PETAask me about my OCsi support cute anime girlsMakoto and KyokoMukuro IkusabaChiaki Nanamii heart pretty rainbowsi collect plushiessyringes69 buried, 0 foundno thoughts, head emptySonicomAoi Mukou osu! beat the rhythm Jou Tazuna Tia Safalin Natsuki Monika Sayori Yuri
Nazis aren't punk hand me my shovel lobotomize me, baby i eat crayons :3 normal about my interests (real) starry eyes computer addict pastel angel i change my layout frequently technicolor dreams hell yeah, i'm weird! doll addict kawaii eat sh*t, transphobes junk food addict friendly virus :3 archangel Free Palestine cringe but free f*ck Zionists Maya Time
this user needs copic markersthis user is SUPER DUPER NORMAL about Contract Demonthis user is constantly daydreamingthis user can't remember their dreams very oftenthis user loves plushies/stuffed animalsthis user plays Minecraft on peaceful modethis user sleeps with stuffed animalsthis user just wants to be an angelthis user loves black catsTHIS USER IS A MAGICAL GIRLthis user spends too much time on YouTube

I am 66% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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What type of otaku are you?
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How UwU Are You?
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metal, pop, hyperpop, rock, classical, synth, breakcore, dnb, phonk

wowaka, Siinamota, Haraguchi Sasuke, PEPOYO, MARETU, Kikuo, koronba, Sasanomaly, Pinocchio-P, MASA WORKS DESIGN, Melanie Martinez, Slayyyter, Ke$ha, Lil Mariko, Utsu-P, The Living Tombstone, Crusher, dennoko-P, Yu-peng Chen, Folicca, xOxOx_, GHOST, ippo.tsk, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Jack Stauber's Micropop, Billie Eilish

i love my musicCDsthe only blue life that matters is Miku'sVocaloidKamui GakupobreakcoreMikuELECTRONIC DANCE MUSICMiku blushMiku danceMiku with a gunPARENTAL ADVISORYMiku - Love is Warbreakcore wh*re
music lover Miku rightsUna Utatane Piko
this user lies down and cries when listening to Minecraft musicthis user listens to a lot of music
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Which Undertale Soul Are You?
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Ghostbusters (2016), Coraline, Madagascar, Up, Bolt, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, Despicable Me, Kung Fu Panda, Home Alone, Spy Kids, anything 2000s to mid-2010s Barbie, Shrek, The Lorax, Matilda (1996), Wall-E, Wreck-It Ralph, Lilo and Stitch, The LEGO Movie, Mean Girls, Smurfs, Ice Age, Monster High, Spirited Away
i want this butterfly
magic stars Monster High
this user's comfort movie is Lilo and Stitchthis user has a feeling they aren't in Kansas anymorethis user loves Ghoulia Yelps
What Sonic Character Are You?
What Sonic Character Are You?
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Which Bootleg Sailor Moon Alarm Clock Are You?


i'll redo this later
animeBOOBS?!live-Osaka-reactionDANGANRONPA: The AnimationYui nyanMadoka hugging HomuraSailor Moon Stocking Anarchy Sakura Cure Peace
woh my g anime anime freak smile! Sakura Strawberry Shortcake LoliRock"
this user is Sailor Moon!
which madoka magica girl r u ?
which madoka magica girl r u ?
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Ready Player One (Ernest Cline), Matilda (Roald Dahl), Missing Abby (Lee Weatherly), CRYPT (Andrew Hammond), Somokuto (Santoka Taneda)
is it obvious i don't read much?

I'm terza rima, and I talk and smile.
Where others lock their rhymes and thoughts away
I let mine out, and chatter all the while.

I'm rarely on my own - a wasted day
Is any day that's spent without a friend,
With nothing much to do or hear or say.

I like to be with people, and depend
On company for being entertained;
Which seems a good solution, in the end.
What Poetry Form Are You?


Sayaka Maizono, Byakuya Togami, Nao Egokoro, and, uhhhhh, Naoto Fuuga!
i check my messages every five minutesinternet crushlove meit's okay to be sad sometimesyour idols mess up toofictional-crushnyan-cat<3hearts
i found love online love letters i hate mean people! it can only get better
this user is not vegan but supports vegans
How Mature Do You Think?
How Mature Do You Think?
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What Dere Type Are You?
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About me:

⍣ . ⭐|Thea (Tea/Alice/Luke) Claire Fortune ★
﹒♡﹒supported languages: eng/afr/日本語﹒🫧
ᨓ 。lvl. 19 💫 ∩⑅∩
☁︎ ❝ ✨ - non-binary star abrogender star ⭑⚝⭑ pansexual heart demirose heart - 🌃⊰❞
🌈 ⋆ suspected AuDHD⭑⚝⭑social anxiety 🪄. ִ ֗
person of color ✦ ࣪ ᥫ᭡ ꗃ
🎀 ᝬ your local Spacehey onee-chan .ᐟ 𖦹Ꮺ 𖥦 ٭࣭
howdy, hey, hello, welcome to the page of someone with two braincells and a truckload of opinions!
i'm mostly obsessed with video games, music, the web both clear and deep, art, aesthetification, roleplaying, plushies and idol culture.
i love a good horror/murder-mystery doc/game/series, but you'll probably catch me rambling about the most braindead silly-ahh slice-of-life stuff from time to time. just don't expect me to be ahead in trends, though, lol, i live under a rock x<
my IMs/DMs are mostly open if you wanna chat, so feel free to hmu ^_^
yes, i'm also the dumbass that gave you the alternative reporting method. or maybe i'm just tripping and someone else found out before me. ehhh, whatevs :3

Alicenursedollfacedstrangelovesickcutesugardollsickrandomadorablehug mecorset chicksweetcandyangellolita
save and continue
LMAO LOL STFU XDbread makes you fat???GLOWSTICKS RULEcontinue anyway?shut upwhen i said i'd hit that, i meant with my car...i notice my mistakes AFTER uploadingcat doodlethis stamp is too funny to load for youi wish life had Ctrl + Ztbh creatureI AM CHILDISH AND REFUSE TO GROW UPi love the nighti'm a 2000s kidi will judge you based on how you treat othersCAUTION: I'M WEIRDi just feel empty inside all the f*cking timelol, you wishI SWEAR WAY TOO F*CKING MUCHindecisivethis cat think u're 12/10i'll dj at your funeralcut heremotherf*cker, i'm AWESOMErainbowstuff is always better in my imaginationit's ok, Pluto, i'm not a planet eitherWE'RE F*CKEDcopious amounts of FAILstaticstupid b*tch disorderkidcore!scenei love starsthe 'incorrect password' screen freaks me out D:sleep laterainbow gradients are awesomei love bowsmy memory sucks?OwOblack kitty cats are not dangerousgame over b*tchi want to d*esickeningcreepy cutef*ck yes i'm girlypastel beachABSOLUTE B*STARDthis stamp DIED cuz of your stupidityi make typos ^^;TOO MUCH HETERO ON THE NETpedo k*lleri ♡ stampsi am WAY TOO FORGETFULi still use real paperi support drawing in Math classi'm mentally very violentHello Kitty band-aidsl*botomyi survived the Spacehey server crash Free Palestineyes, i do cr*ck coc*ine, doesn't everyone?sleepthe addictive little b*stardsyou have no f*cking idea what you're up againstGoogle - the brain i never hadi survived Spacehey - 09/10/2023i survived the Spacehey g*re spam new yr 2024 :Dpoor heartless stampevery needs encouragement sometimesshut your Meowth!i love pretty fansi ♡ my attitude problemmentally illstar beadsprotect LGBTQIA+ kidssometimes i'm just INACTIVEkeep kids out of k*nki'm crazy. deal with iti have too many stampssick lifeI SURVIVED THE SPACEHEY APOCALYPSEall i know i've learnt from Konatacenter your f*cking stampyou are not immune to propagandathere-is-no-differencei'm bad at explaining thingspink magic wandPARANOIDi wana suiciedhelpless marshmallowscherriesmahou shojo stuffpink star sprinklesi have anxietyi have no moralsyou make me f*cking sickit's been fun, gonna go cry nowOH GOD, OH F*CKs*x work isn't 'dirty' or 'wrongemotional ab*se is still ab*sepro-choiceif you hate the LGBT+ community, don't use what we madedarkness can be beautifulsupport young artistsneopronouns don't hurtall N*zis deserve to diei like weird:3 explosionevil catbiological s*x don't mean sh*tstop shipping kids with adults, you sick f*cksthe US prison system is broken and needs fixing#1 TERF hater#1 p*do hateri use the :3 face too muchalways tiredgender????????starsholographic stars and moonsanything can be a trigger
no gender 1 (ONE) BRAIN CELL self-expression isn't a crime demiromantic pride Earth sucks (self-diagnosed) gamer TOO MANY TABS!! dyslexic swag don't like it? leave it! i want candy DON'T LABEL ME don't annoy the crazy person i plEad bliNKie iNSaNity braindead it's okay if you want to drop dead i ♡ sweet tea BRO I'M SCARED WTF hello, dumb@ss! /plat sleepyhead made of stardust just k*ll me already 100% angelic babe chronic fatigue your ridiculous little opinion has been noted beats u with a pan ASMR the goddess ate my homework why am i so f*cking tired?! f*ck gore spammers gore is for losers if you canct convince them, CONFUSE them been there, done that anime freak does this annoy you? Oreos MY BACK HURTS!!!
this user's a complete messthis user gets stressed very easilythis user isolates as a coping mechanismthis user has social anxietythis user has a hard time taking care of themselfthis user loves PNGsthis user loves scenecorethis user doesn't speak really loudthis user has one braincellthis user is sensitive and cries frequentlythis user is trying to recoverthis user is trying to get betterthis user hates not knowing what happenedthis user wants to be noticedthis user wants to lives with the fairiesthis user does not existthis user is tired and sleep can't fix itthis user can't sleep goodthis user has an intense fear of abandonment
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My Result: Safe.
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Who I'd like to meet:

my online friends, anyone who's into alt fashion, professional cosplayers (for tips), Danganronpa enthusiasts who are super normal about knowing the lore... and Byakuya Togami (woof woof bark bark grrrr)<3
➜ can be dry/rowdy sometimes. sorry, i'm not very social, and when i feel chatty, i tend to yap a LOT to those i find interesting
➜ am often nervous when it comes to initiating conversations, so if i sound formal, sorry
➜ tend to ramble sometimes. tell me to shut up if it gets too much for you (or just tell me to shut up in general)
➜ curse
➜ won't be able to respond sometimes. don't take it personally, it's not your fault, i'm just either busy, i just don't know HOW to respond and/or struggling with my wi-fi
➜ vent sometimes (cuz, y'know, yeah)
➜ can indeed spell, i just choose not to.

➜ 14 years and younger and/or 29 years and older
➜ part of the TCC and romanticize serial killers
➜ pro-ED/SH/SA
➜ anti-recovery
➜ a p*rn/g*re account
➜ TRASH (transphobes, racists, ableists, sexists, homophobes)
➜ pro-Israeli/pro-Russia
➜ a pro-shipper/com-shipper (GO AWAY)
➜ support in*cst
➜ support z**philia/b**stiality
➜ shame/downplay others
➜ and endogenic "system" and/or support it
➜ a friend collector
➜ looking for a date
➜ just overall sh*tty

if i don't accept your friend req the first time, DON'T SPAM ME. if i declined, then there's a reason for that. if it's not bcuz you're in my DNI list, then it's probably cuz i don't feel like i can vibe with you. PLEASE DON'T SPAM REQ ME, OTHERWISE I'LL CRY (or block. whichever comes first x<)!!
i block freely, so erm. yeah :3
FEEL FREE TO TALK TO ME, I DON'T BITE (unless you're into that /lh) x3
Discord: teapxt|Matrix/Element: @teapxt:matrix.org
secret sharemy carrdmy prns
i love youyour friends are like potatoessorry, i suck at replying to comments, lolyou look beautiful todayit's more important to be nicecopper + tellurium = CuTeyou'll be okaywhen i die, i'm gonna haunt the f*ck outta all of yalllearn to be GENTLEfinger hearti always smile when i see your screen name
autism acceptance please be gentle, i have a hard time with emotions i've killed for my online friends and would again i think you're lovely!!! <3 have a nice day, i love you, now f**k off i love my online friends my <3 is yours eat my heart out sending virtual hugs <3

What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?

wowaka - Rolling Girl

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I believe in Es supremacy🙏

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by Teapxt; ; Report


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the colors on your profile are soo yummy!!! pastel colors r great

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your profile is so cute, thank you for add me!!!

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suddenly, kittens!

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heya, friend! :D

by Teapxt; ; Report

hihihhihihihi :3 hug

by suddenly, kittens!; ; Report

*insert erratic platonic hugging*

by Teapxt; ; Report

Never Knows Best

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Your page goes so hard homie i love it

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augh, thnx, so does yours!! <3 /plat

by Teapxt; ; Report


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omg i love ur profile !! ty for the add :3

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tysm, your profile's super duper cool as well!!

by Teapxt; ; Report

!ScreamingMoths! (PC layout)

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Your profile is so cute omg:))

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eeeeeee, tysmmm ><;

by Teapxt; ; Report

rinnie ♪

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Love your profile layout! (^^)

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eeeeeee, tysmmmm!

by Teapxt; ; Report


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ur prof is so cute!! xx

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aaaaaaa, omg, thanks, i love your profile smmmmm!

by Teapxt; ; Report

omg thank u!

by ⸸rata⸸; ; Report


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Great page!

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omg, tyyyyy, i like your layout, too!!

by Teapxt; ; Report


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ahhhh, tysmmmm, but i have to admit, i got a little confused, so i decided to use a layout that existed, lol ^^;

by Teapxt; ; Report

thnx, Boba!!!

by Teapxt; ; Report