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🇵🇷,18,She/Her, America (Chicago)

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Gamer🎮 Anime/TV Series/Movie Watcher💖 Shitposter 🤡 HorrorFan👻 MusicListener 🎵 Internet📳 HangingOut🤝


Deftones/ Slipknot/ Korn/ Linkin Park/ Kittie/ Seether/ Evanescence/ Metallica/ Flyleaf/ Death/ Avenged Sevenfold/ Rammstein/ Megadeth/ Type O Negative/ Misfits/ Nirvana/ Soundgarden/ Radio Head/ The Smiths/ Weezer/ Crystal Castles/ Unter Null/ My Bloody Valentine/ Jack Off Jill/ FleshWater/ Scarling/ Smashing Pumkins/ Three Day Grace/ Suicideboys/ Freddie Dred/ lilpeep/ Kanye West/ Tyler The Creator/ Poppy/ Joji/ Pink Guy/ Melanie Martinez/ Mac Demarco/ Eyedress/ Phonk/Cigarettes After Sex/ Lana Del Rey/ Mitski/ TV Girl/ Tokio Hotel/ Bullet for my Valentine/ Fiona Apple/ Ethel Cain/ Bjork/ Hole/


Clockwork Orange/ Halloween/ Scream/ Texas Chainsaw Massacre/ TheShining/ Chucky/ Saw/ Silent Hill/ Carrie/ Rocky Horror Picture/ Evil Dead/ Psycho/ Jeepers Creeper/ American Psycho/ Black Christmas/ My Bloody Vanlentine/ House Of 1000 Corpses/ Terrifier/ IT/ Killer Clowns From Outer Space/ Zombie Land/ Jennifers Body/ The Craft/ Black Swan/ Pearl/ X/ Girl Interrupted/ Thirteen/ Train To Busan/ Whiplash/ Pulp Fiction/ Kill Bill/ Joker/ John Wick/ Fight Club/ Blade Runner/ Scott Pilgrim/ Bettle Juice/ Edward Scissor Hands/ Paranorman/ Coraline/ Corpse Bride/ Sonic The Hedgehog/ PerfectBlue/ Mean Girls/ Gone Girl/ The Virgin suicide/ Drive/ Promising young women/ Twilight/ Sucker Punch/ Brokeback Mountain/ Ginger Snaps/ Chronicle/ The Hunger Games/ As Above, So Below/ The blair witch project/ Us/ Sinister/ Resident evil degeneration/


South park/ Rick and Morty/ Smiling friends Bojack Horseman/ Inside Job/ Mr pickles/ Hazbin Hotel/ Steven Universe/ Regular show/ Invincible/ Legend of vox machina/ The boys/ Breaking bad/ Better call saul/ Stranger things/ Squid Game/ Girl from nowhere/ The Walking Dead/ Skins/ Shameless/ genesis evangelion/ Serial experiment lain/ Devilman crybaby/ Nana/ Watamote/ Madoka Magica/ Ergo Proxy/ Death note/ Attack on titan/ Bleach/ Jojo/ Tokyo ghoul/ Cowboy Bebop/ Deadman Wonderland/ Highschool of the dead/ Elfen Lied/ Kill la Kill/ Monster/ Chainsaw Man/ Black lagoon/ Higurashi When They Cry/ Hellsing/ Wonder Egg Priority/ Black Rock Shooter/ Hannibal/


Goodnight punpun, Berserk, Chainsaw Man, I have no mouth and I must scream


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Hello my names Taina but you can call me Tay for short!! I go by She/Her pronouns graduated class of 2024. 18 years old and a Aries♈️!!

Who I'd like to meet:

people who has the same interests as me or want to chat hoping we can be friends :]

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