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"listening 2 music probz"

T, 16, teh weird kid that lurkz... (pfp iz me!)

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don't harrazz me just bc you don't how 2 use my pronounz or you don't understand my genderz!!!

pronounz: they/them, it/it's, X3/X3's, gorey/gorey's, rawr/rawr'z, xey/xem, neon/neon's, scene/scenes zomb/zomb'z, kandi/kandis st1ck/st1cker'z, :3/:3's, gut/gut's, waffle/wafflez dey/dem, chao/chao's, odd/odd's, bite/bite's, dino/dino'z, gir/gir's, hy/hyper's

emoji pronounz:

🦴/🦴, 👽/👽

if u wanna learn how 2 use them, click "here!" it tellz you how to use my pronounz in a sentence :3

my gender iz nonbinary, but I also have xenogenderz:


nonbinary, axenlector, zombthing, 2010scringic, genderwrath, catgender, clowncatgender, scenecatian, honkgender, catnipgender, swirlysillycatgender, funcatgender, zombcatrix, nyancat gender, overstimmedcatgender, rainbowcatcoric, rainbowcatclowngender, closeupcatgender, catpounceic, pixelcatgender, emolovecatgender, gorecatbatic, bloodcatgender, kandicatic, scenecatgender, hypercat gender, sillycatthing, gloomygender, 2000sscenefurrygender, cringeeuphoric, cringeXDcoric, circuscandyic, 2000scenearcadic, sparklescenic, ilovebeingcringeic, stickerhoardic, rainbowfactoryic, derpy gender, kandicharic, stickergender, and guh gender!!

if you want the linkz to the flagz of the genderz and their definitionz then go "here!"

and my sexuality iz omnisexual (men r hot... esp my bf hehe X3)


Gloomy bear, invader zim, My little Pony, Friendship is witchcraft, Gregory horror show, ONE, Demon slayer, Popee the performer, Funny pets, Ga-Ra-Ku-Ta, Camp Camp, The umbrella academy, Happy tree friends, Devilman Crybaby


ddlc,roblox, ponytown minecraft, some fnaf gamez (wow i don't play alot of gamez...)


top faves: sleep playlist: general playlist: i honestly don't know what my taste iz, it iz EVERYWHERE so yeah.... ehehe XP


Angel Dog/Devil Dog (Gregory horror show), Derpy (my little pony), Discord (my little pony), Daniel (camp camp), David (camp camp), Dr. Fritz (Gregory horror house), DJ vinyl (my little pony), Enmu (demon slayer), Five (the umbrella academy), Flipqy (happy tree friends), Fluttershy (my little pony), Funny (funny pets), Gamzee Makara (Homestuck), Gir (invader zim), Gloomy bear (gloomy bear), Gyutaru (demon slayer), Inosuke (demon slayer), Kagekao (creepypasta), Kedamono (popee the performer), Klaus (the umbrella academy), Luna (my little pony), Max (camp camp), Neko zombie (Gregory horror show), Nepeta Leijon (homestuck), Nutty (happy tree friends), Nurse Catherin (Gregory horror show), Palvan ( Ga-Ra-Ku-Ta), Ryo Asuka (devilman crybaby), Trixie (my little pony), Umbaba (Gregory horror show), Yuri (ddlc)


true crime, creepypastas (mostly the onez that are like "lost media" or "haunted gamez"), sparklecare hospital, homestuck (not really, i only read up to page 3000 something and kinda just gave up, i liked it, i just have no willpower to ever complete thingz XP) thingz that are pretty weird and obscure or were long abandoned and no one remembers anymore (gregory horror show, the other works from the creator of popee the preformer, friendship is witchcraft, etc.)


being a furry, doing art, play gamez, (i try to play by myself az much az i can) listening to music for hourz on end, making kandi XP i don't really do much lolz


i want to make a living off my art, i'm already taking commissionz actually, click here if u wanna check my stuff out!


this button generates a random url X3 :


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About me:

click this text 2 read my carrd!

HAIII I'm T! I luv teh colourz red, black, and green. am I scene? emo? IDK!!! i have no idea XP my style iz kinda everywhere, but ig im tryna be a scenemo. you can dm me but i will probz take long 2 respond bc i'm very awkward , i'm not ignoring you, im just crying over bein social X'( and im not az active on here anywayz, but if i'm comfortable enough i can give meh discord name n tag, also I friend ppl with profilez that r kewl XP ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

click the heart shaped object to feed my baby dinkus!

Who I'd like to meet:

i just frien ppl i think r cool, usually those who make Kandi, liek gloomy bear, invader zim, or mlp, dress up in bright cool emo or scene clothez, or if u just seem liek a cool person ^^ I would liek ppl who's over 13 and under 18 tho (if i friendreq u and ur over or under 13-18 im ok with u) ; it'd make me comfier, and PLZ NO SELF ADVERTISERZ!!!

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💕 💞

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thnx 4 the add ur so cool :]

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ty!! ur kewl too!!

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Thanks for the add! :D

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thx 4 tha add!! i love ur layout n u seem super cool!! :D

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tysm!!! you seem kewl too X3

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Thx 4 da add!! luv ur layout! itz so cool!!! o(≧▽≦)o

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thankz!!! yourz iz kewl too!!

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HAI T! lovin ur page a lot .... keep bein epicz!!!

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