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1992 is my birth year error error catjam


- Merzbow and Hanatarash changed my life ( /^ω^)/♪♪





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sarah ♡

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Filmhey is up!

i do hate to advertise anything on anyone's page, but i wanted to invite you to check out filmhey, a new movie-lovers/creators community group !!
of course there's no obligation to join if this isn't up your alley but if it is, we would love you have you!!

come check it out if you're interested!!

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Sweeney Toad

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Hey thanks for the add!!

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no problem fren ∩。• ᵕ •。∩

by ☁︎ ︎nuno; ; Report

Can’t wait to play the new Kirby game btw!

by Sweeney Toad; ; Report

Thank you for the tip, I've been living under a rock these days, i didn't know there was one in the works. I'm stoked !!

by ☁︎ ︎nuno; ; Report

Yeah it’s like a 3D Kirby like Mario Odyssey, it looks pretty rad!

by Sweeney Toad; ; Report


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thanks 4 the add ! happy spooky szn

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And a spooky szn to you too Fam

by ☁︎ ︎nuno; ; Report

like dat u make music too, thats whats upp!!

by SE7EN Ω; ; Report

I do yes. need more practice tho lol
Do you make music ?

by ☁︎ ︎nuno; ; Report

yessirrrrr, still v noob at producing, my main interest lies in vocals and writing

by SE7EN Ω; ; Report

At least you have writing and vocals down. that's a very good place to be, production is a bit technical but over time it makes sense. I encourage baby steps for production

by ☁︎ ︎nuno; ; Report

In general I ment baby steps in music lol

by ☁︎ ︎nuno; ; Report

ahaha defffffff baby takin steps, starting 2 understand it tho thankfully

by SE7EN Ω; ; Report

sarah ♡

sarah ♡'s profile picture

ty for adding!! ♡

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No problem G. ,🤙

by ☁︎ ︎nuno; ; Report


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o yes thanks for the connect fam

by ☁︎ ︎nuno; ; Report