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- Fashion - Writing Poetry - The Arts (Not that much into acting though!) - Films + lighting! And the overall design. - Psychology and social-type subjects! (Social taboos, differences in different social structures) - Drawing and Architecture! - Horror indie games and horror Asia genres! (Japanese horror games and such!) - Private interests in reading! I often advocate keeping an open mind as I do want to make myself more open mind by the time.


I really love Yuele's music! And Melanie Martinez's music! - Hyper pop - Casual listener of K-Pop! (ITZY, StayC girls are the most) - A little of everything! Except for country.... - I do not enjoy pop that much! - I love weirdcore, dreamcore and other specific cores of music!


I really like old films! I love movies/films type pieces! Stop motion films too, like: - Coraline - Corpse Bride


I LOVE THE SERIES OF DHMIS! (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared) I love the designs of the characters and the energy it gives!


Books I enjoy: - Psychology books. - Descriptive books! - Books featuring social problems like Racism! My personal favourite book is Coraline! In terms of Racism then "The Hate U Give"!


People I look up to is Yuele! They inspired me to be more like myself! I also look up to Melaine Martinez for the same reason!

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About me:

Hello! My personality is INTJ-T and my zodiac is Gemini! I am a minor! I do use tone tags if so needed or wanted! I have four names, Teeth - Void - Orchid and Grapes/Grape! My pronouns are They/Them (They/Them/They're/Themself or Themself) or Zey/Zem! (Zey/Zem/Zir(s)/Zirself) Gender: Nonbinary Sexuality: Omnisexual. DISCORD: InternetPersona#6688 I LOVE HELLO KITTY, SANRIO!

made by almond milk !!

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone who's LGTBQIA+(2S/2B) friendly, talkative of any sort and cool/swag! Nobody over the age of 21 usually! Fine with Tonetags! Teenagers I will mostly look for as I am a minor! Nobody who's heavily toxic I will not tolerate! So if you are heavily toxic please exit!

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I’m looking at the profile of the best person ever right now.. and so are you :0

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You are the best person!

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