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"I have cringe disorder. Unfortunately 18 years old."

Nonsensical individual. Up to dubious activities.

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Mood: You know where my PFP is from.

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Homestuck, Fortnite, My Little Pony, Minecraft, and several other things if you care to ask about that.


Nine Inch Nails and pretty much any band I can get my fucking covetous hands on.


Zombieland, American Psycho, Jennifers Body, Ghost Rider, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Ghostbusters, horror movies(the scream series is my fav), superhero movies(spiderman, x-men, etc).


THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!! FUTUREMAN!!!!! Supernatural, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Futurama, The Simpsons.


Homestuck, Warrior Cats, The Hunger Games.


Deadpool, Spiderman, Wolverine.

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About me:

Real life Dirk Strider when I want to be. Probably the biggest Nine Inch Nails fan you'll never meet. What else is dope? Everything ELSE I DO.

Who I'd like to meet:

People who are losers or cool losers. I decide which one you are. I promise I'm cool guys pls talk to me. Normal people who are normal and not weird. Exclusions: my friend group, The Furry Homestucks.

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CA: me when I get you (hello warriors + homestuck + mlp fan)

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CA: man AND futurama and adventure time? gets on one knee /silly /j

by cornelianArtist; ; Report

YES.. Hello, thank you for reading my... evil life long fixations.

by timeausTestified; ; Report

CA: evil life long fixations is so real... your welcome buddy

by cornelianArtist; ; Report


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foaming at the m mouth I LOCE MLP! hi I love MLP also ur layout is sooo cool Hi

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YES! Yes! I totally agree with you there.
What are your thoughts on the infection AUs?

by timeausTestified; ; Report

mmm not a fan personally because I don't like sc Scary things but like ! I think they're a fun idea they could totally be cool to other people I wish they had a good uhm happy infection that makes everything joyous and whimsical

by kilometre; ; Report

I will make My Little Pony joyous and whimsical, perhaps maybe even outlandishly frivolous.

by timeausTestified; ; Report

that would be so awesome that w Would be amazing where can I find t that

by kilometre; ; Report

I could perhaps post it on Spacehey, if I feel so motivated.

by timeausTestified; ; Report

pleas! Pleas eod that would be totally. Radical of you Hi please do

by kilometre; ; Report


by timeausTestified; ; Report


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This guy is from LOSERvile.

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WHAT! No I'm not.

by timeausTestified; ; Report

I got a call from gay town and they said you're the MAYOR and they need you back.

by timeausTestified; ; Report

Shocked face.

by 🖥️; ; Report

Did you steal my childbirth gif

by timeausTestified; ; Report


by 🖥️; ; Report

If you did that's really funny because thats like some inside joke. It's funny that it spread.

by timeausTestified; ; Report

Okay, maybe I did because I thought it was batshit hilarious.

by 🖥️; ; Report

Yeah, of course it is. I'm hilarious!

by timeausTestified; ; Report