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art, zines, webcomics, funny animals, dragons & other mythical creatures, skateboarding, scene, emo, digital pets, plushies


genres: indie, punk, rock, j-rock, electronic, happy hardcore, alternative, grunge, experimental, industrial, metal, heavy metal, post hardcore, techno, indie pop, hip hop, rap artists: dwellings, car seat headrest, death grips, coheed and cambria, korn, tool, the pillows, my chemical romance, (old) fall out boy, black dresses, newgrounds death rugby, lil darkie, ke$ha, kero kero bonito, msi, 100gecs, the microphones, green day, ada rook, rawrdcore records, vocaloid (fave is gakupo), type o negative, 1-trait danger, a walk to golgotha, girls rituals, billy idol, trevor something, anamanaguchi, machinae supremacy, blink-182, owl city, the unicorns, (lots more this is a constant WIP)


adolescence of utena, the fantastic adventures of unico, yellow submarine, scott pilgrim vs the world, suspiria (2018), the berserk trilogy, troll 2, evangelion rebuilds, promare, the thing, the amazing bulk, paprika, ping pong the animation, spirited away, howl's moving castle, (idk will add on to this, i have watched many more but movies are harder for me to remember the titles of for some reason)


currently watching: star trek: deep space nine, moomin (1990), the simpsons, inuyasha, south park, summer camp island, yuri kuma arashi, the x-files, sailor moon, yugioh, dorohedoro, twelve forever, cowboy bebop, hello kitty cartoon theater, (re-watching) FLCL, finished: berserk (1997), FLCL, star trek tos, star trek TNG, devilman crybaby, land of the lustrous, revolutionary girl utena, speed grapher, bleach, jojo's bizarre adventure, soul eater, avatar the last airbender, centaurworld need to watch: moomins (any other series), inuyasha sequel, (rewatch) evangelion, naruto, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, the boondocks, metalocalypse, the last unicorn, bluey, littlest pet shop, gurren lagaan, FLCL alternative & progressive, (lots more should be here, memory not very good, will add to this)


i miss having the time and energy to read :') have read plenty though will add later



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About me:

glitter maker
glitter maker

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24 y/o, they/it/he, genderqueerfucked femboywife, neurodivergent, PLURal, 420, in an open relationship but not looking for new partners at the moment

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Invader Zim - Gir

Who I'd like to meet:

chill creative people, anyone who seems cool and is an adult

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Forrest Friends

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Thank you for being my 420th friend! Do you play Neopets too??

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monotony ♡◔ᴗ◔♡

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i see you are 420 friendly, sparking up a big ol doink in your honor rn thanks for the add ♡♡

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Dont forget to spin the daily wheels!

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