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"Don't ever forget your internet girl. Promise? ♡"

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mainline pokémon, pokémon masters, kimi ga shine, witch's heart, ib, pocket mirror, undertale, deltarune, needy girl overdose, charon games, ace attorney, sentimental death loop, doki doki literature club, higurashi, project sekai, the world ends with you, cream△ games, tomodachi life, zero escape 999, it gets so lonely here, professor layton, torikago seven days



(excluded songs from stuff in misc) full course for candy addicts - machigerita-p, psychogram - deco27, lower ones eyes - nulut, rotten heresy and chocolate - pinocchio-p, nee nee nee - pinocchio-p, magical girl and chocolate - pinocchio-p, all i need are things i like - pinocchio-p, last of me - vocacircus, cobalt memories - harumaki gohan, one of repetition - nekomushi, shoujo rei - mikoto-p, mental chainsaw - kairiki bear, darling dance - kairiki bear, things to do - alex g, egoist - sheroniki, two breaths walking - deco27, android girl - deco27, mkdr - deco27, dive in ash - nejishiki, baby daze - chinozo, abnormality girl dancing - guchiry, vivi - kenshi yonezu, last words of a shooting star - mitski, loveit - pinocchio-p, kyu-kurarin - iyowa



my lesbian experience with loneliness, suhee0, usotsuki satsuki, surviving romance, savior (junchi), hooky, marionetta, to make you happy, shi ni aruki, destroy it all and love me in hell, seasons of blossom, pokémon special, ashita watashi wa dareka no kanojo, i love amy, mietemasu yo aizawa-san, the barefoot nina, watashi o tabetai hitodenashi, kono koi wo hoshi ni wa negawanai, watashi no angela


my little pony g4, puella magi madoka magica, kagerou project, vivinos, milgram, parties are for losers, evillious chronicles, tuyu, jirai-kei, ryousangata, oldweb, danganronpa despair time, lacey's flash games

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About me:

Hai haii!! I'm Prim, The worlds silliest cat ever . ♡ nice to meet u!!! ^-^ welcome to my profile!! currently under construction because im vv clueless and indecisive... sorryyy. I hope u enjoy ur stay regardless tho!!

Who I'd like to meet:

I'm constantly up to meeting new people as long as we have some shared interests! ♡ I'm constantly open to new friends! ^-^


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Neat profile!

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maki ✰

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i love your profile! thanks for adding back!

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Ohoho! Come, kneel to me! (evillious chronicles reference)

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Oh, it's tea time 🍵

by prim !!; ; Report

silas ☆

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tysm 4 the add! i LUV ur page, u seem supr kewl :D

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THANK U !!!!!! ^-^ u seem super cool too I love ur layout !!!! ><

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by silas ☆; ; Report

🪦𐙚 feimuu .ᐟ

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WONDERHOYY !!! 💗ヾ(^▽^*)))(๐॔˃̶ᗜ˂̶๐॓) OHH MY GOODNESS IM IN LOVE WITH UR LAYOUTT <33 !! truly a fantasyy !!! & ty for the add !!!! o((>ω< ))o 🌟

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THANK U <333 !!!! ur layout is super cute too (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠) !!!! thx 4 adding me back !!! ^-^

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prim !!

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i really wanna try making my own layouts >< but !!but . im so head empty ...

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it takes 2 much brain energy to come up with a full layout then make it !!! ><

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₊‧ ୨nina୧ ‧₊

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HAIII THANK U !! <33 u seem super cool too ur profile is so cute !!!

by prim !!; ; Report


by ₊‧ ୨nina୧ ‧₊; ; Report

prim !!

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How 2 find friends. .. bleh.

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prim !!

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Indecisive on which layout to go with... idk what exactly feels the most "me" >< ...

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