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"playing resident evil 4"

18, midwest, he/him, hmm

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I'm currently hyper fixating on Vinesauce (Joel and Vinny), Silent Hill, Stardew Valley, Yume Nikki, Portal 1 and 2!!!, Ib, Omori, Undertale, also theatre!!(stage managing/general crew/acting maybe)


Alternative/Grunge/Emo/Scene/Nu Metal/Indie/Rap/Reggae, The Strokes!!!, Sublime. Silent Hill OST, Radiohead, Tyler The Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Katamari Damacy OST, Undertale OST, S3RL, and probably so much more i cant remember you can check my spotify (theres a lot)


Creep 1 and 2, Rocky 1, The Circle, Girl, Interrupted, Into the Spiderverse/Across, American Psycho, The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Breaking Bad, The Office, Futurama, Black-ish, Beastars, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, The Owl House, Bojack Horseman, Shameless, Regular Show, That 70’s Show, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Welcome Home


Goodnight Punpun, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Homestuck...


Mr. Rogers, Rocky, Dan Krugs

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About me:

the name's sam, 18, super into theatre (stage manager?), videogames, and cybercore stuff. i am happily taken :D// } } Movie blinkies

Who I'd like to meet:

portal fans, the strokes fans, alternative people, people who can understand/relate to AUDHD, queer folks, and theatre people!! DNI if you're under 15 (if you're 15 and we're friends, don't expect anything above mutual distance friendship) and if youre a true crime loser Keyblade

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Ted The Businessman (DeadClown's #1 Fan!)

Ted The Businessman (Dead...'s profile picture

You have a very cool profile!

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thank you, ted!

by sam ★; ; Report


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This is a cool page!

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Audrey ୨୧

Audrey ୨୧'s profile picture

hii! thx for adding me. i love ur profile sm!! AND OMG STROKESSS FAN NO WAY

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thank you!!! also yeah i love the strokes dude :D they're sick!!! definitely my top fav band ^_^

by sam ★; ; Report


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tysm 4 the add !! so happy to see a fellow fma fan :D

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ur pfp is also hilarious i love it /p /pos

by denim; ; Report

thank you!!! i love fma so much its my top fav anime :3 I saw ed on your profile and I was like :0!!! i know him!!! and thanks :3

by sam ★; ; Report

thats so real fma is my fav anime ever too !! and considering ive watched a lot of anime it says a lot abt the series >:3

by denim; ; Report


CJ's profile picture

yoo, thanks for the add! i was just about to send you a friend request when you sent yours LOL

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omg :3 the kh pfp drew me in, and then I saw portal and I was like "I have to". awesome profile! we have a lot of shared interests :D

by sam ★; ; Report

yeah we have a lot of shared interests, you seem pretty cool!! and your profile is pretty dope aswell :0

by CJ; ; Report

THANK YOU LMAO its going through the ringer rn. idk what aesthetic I wanna go for grrgghrhgghhh
also, if you wanna talk more I can IM you my discord :3 but only if you want to, no pressure!!

by sam ★; ; Report


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i hate you unadd me freak

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by sam ★; ; Report


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you are a wonderful wonderful little rat, sam

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thank you, kevin roth. god blessed you from above

by sam ★; ; Report


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ty for the add (⌒▽⌒)☆

Great to see another Strokes fsn (〃^▽^〃)

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OMG IVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR SOMEBODY ON HERE WHO LOVES THE STROKES!!!! do you like the voidz too?? id love to talk about them with you!!!! >W< :D

by sam ★; ; Report

i do love the voidz tooヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ

by MBV.MP3; ; Report

omg so cool!!! i feel like i never get to meet people who know the voidz aaa!!

by sam ★; ; Report

thats a shame ( ╥ω╥ )

its a phenomenal band

by MBV.MP3; ; Report

yeah, i wish i could go see them v_v but they never really tour by themselves lol, or at least in my area.

by sam ★; ; Report

same, here i hope to see them or The strokes live someday

by MBV.MP3; ; Report

i went and saw the strokes last year!!! omg it was so fun :D they were touring with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Thundercat and they were in Chicago. I had to go, otherwise I'd never get another chance to see them!!

by sam ★; ; Report

you're really lucky

i'd kill for tickets for a Strokes show (>﹏<)

by MBV.MP3; ; Report

ik!!! i was thinking about it just today lol. you might be able to catch a show one day, but probably not a stand-alone tour. :( i hope you get to see them!

by sam ★; ; Report

thanks (≧ω≦)b

i hope for the best :3

by MBV.MP3; ; Report


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by sam ★; ; Report