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Singing, steel tounge drum, hand pan, tattoos, piercings, art, music, writing, guitar, true crime ( don’t condone bad behaviour), mental health, activism, astronomy, stargazing, astrophysics, astrophotography, Halloween make up, makeup, wattpad, reading, growing my social network, video game, YouTube, Netflix, Pluto tv, Disney +, Christmas, hanging out with my boyfriend, painting, facepaint, forensics, creepypasta, cryptids, photomanipulation art, digital art, vlogging, blogging, poetry, Halloween, ufos, conspiracy theories!


Gorillaz, weezer, limp bizkit, marylin Manson, Dolly Parton, insane clown posse, twiztid, bad brains, transplants, crazy town, backstreet boys, n*sync, 98 degrees, Brittany Spears, ethreal in e, my self included, Jeniferever, cold play, blurr, our lady peace, dj Maysin!


Dumpling, home alone, Halloween town, saw, hostile, would you rather, united 93, Bruce lee, bad trip, hero, kill bill, yakuza papers, contact, flight 93, big money rustlas, big money hustlas, 8 mile, repo a genetic opra, the creator, American history x, snakes on a plane, the Hannibal Lecturer series!


Star trek (all of them), cobra Kai, americas funniest home videos, king of the hill, simpsons, desperate housewives, criminal minds, fbi files, x-files, Bailey sarian ( YouTube)!


Falling, drowing, lord of the rings, hobbit, astronomy books, graphic novels (non- manga), shake hands with the devil, worlds most dangerous places, 9/11 commission report, 50shades of grey, a million little pieces, Hannibal, the fbi way, romance, horror, creepypasta, us!, mr. Dirt bag, every soul a star!


Ethereal in e ( the hand pan man), Romeo Dallaire! The Big Dipper and Little Dipper,

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About me:

Surreal in E is a musician that is named elena Ioana melanson, who sings and does tounge drum as well to help entertain and relax people! She was born I. Romania and adopted to Canada! She is goth at the best of times happy most of the time! She like to write and design tattoos in her spear time! Because of her PTSD she lives in a group home! She is also an artist and author! You can finder her with her nose in a book or writing one! reverbnation| sound cloud| 8-DF79-EA6-8896-4663-8-E5-E-3-EE68880-DA7-E 007-C17-F7-94-B7-4-D21-8-B11-7-DAAD14-ED24-B 31-DEFB1-D-9997-465-F-B6-FF-A0476-C6613-B3 CB4-C9-B22-FE6-E-485-E-ABFB-9-AF50560-AAEE F074-BEAA-490-A-4498-BB81-E3109553-F432

Who I'd like to meet:

Musicians only or good people! No religious nuts or political wack jobs! No minors please!

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