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"Wishin' I was in the 2000z right now "

15 - They/star/fang

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🕱 Shopping, reading, writing, drawing art in general, the horror genre, Stephen king bookz, kandi making, RP, watching videos on topics that interest me (The dark web, computer virusez, internet mysteries, etc.), emo fashion, scene fashion, collecting soda tabz and CDz, fanfiction, lioden, my OC's, making storiez and characterz, that's kinda it. 🕱


🕱 My Chemical Romance, Insane Clown Posse, Alex G, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Sleeping with sirens, Falling in reverse, Green day, Pierce the veil, Paramore, Set it off, Alesana, Get Scared, Three Days Grace, S3rl, Avril Lavigne, 3OH!3, Plus NIGHTCORE!!!!!! I also take emo + scene music recommendations!! But in gen I'm really flexible with any and all type of music!! O_o 🕱 TITLE


🕱 Saw (2004), Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlez (The movie), TMNT (2007), Bayverse tmnt moviez, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Se7en, and The Conjuring. 🕱


🕱 Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlez, TMNT in general X33, Don't hug me I'm scared, Inside Job, Smiling Friends, South Park, PASWG, Invader Zim, Moral Orel, and Pokémon. 🕱


🕱 Warrior Cats, The Outsider (Stephen King), Misery (Stephen king), any horror books, and fanfiction. 🕱


🕱 James (Dead Meat), and Gerard Way 🕱

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About me:

TITLE Heyyy I'm Sugarplum!! I'm 15 and a freshman in high school, which is pretty cool. I use They/them, Star/starz, and Fang/fangz pronounz. 🕱 I'm neurodivergent!! and I appreciate the use of tonetagz around me, as it honestly helpz me a ton x3. I'm hyperfixated on TMNT and Inside Job. So if u like that stuff pleassseee dm me I love making new friends!! 🕱 I really like shopping, rp, drawing, art in general is sick as fuck, watching videos on topicz that interest me (The dark web, computer virusez, etc), infodumping, making oc'z and storiez, The horror genre, Stephen king bookz (the outsider is my fav right now), etc. 🕱 Herez my carrd (there's more info about me thatz pretty cool) --> ummm andrett is def canon yesyes /j TITLE

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone with similar interestz!!! XD 🕱 Dividers are from animatedglittergraphics-n-more on tumblr!! TITLE

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d3mian :33

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thx 4 add ily ur profile is so cool!! xb <333

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YOO TYSM!! ur profilez super sick btw O_o

by Sugarplumz :P; ; Report


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thx 4 the add! ^^

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Yeah ofc!! Ur super kool!! :3

by Sugarplumz :P; ; Report


⛧⸸vixxie⸸⛧'s profile picture


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ahhh ur welcome and thank you 2 :3

by Sugarplumz :P; ; Report


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Your profile is pretty!!! You also have a very cool music taste!!

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AWWWWWWWWW TYSM!!!! Ur profilez super kewl 2!

by Sugarplumz :P; ; Report

Thx sm!!🫶

by frances🕸️; ; Report


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thx fr th add!! :3

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AAAA tysm for accepting it, ur super cool and I just had to add you >_

by Sugarplumz :P; ; Report

FW // caitlin

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AAAA TYSM. Ur page is so cool too!!! x3

by Sugarplumz :P; ; Report


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very smelly big L bozo /j

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That is not nice

by Sugarplumz :P; ; Report


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ur profile is so coolll!!!!! we have the same interestz too!!! u seem so rad!!! ^_^ /pos

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Ahh thank you!! Ur profile looks awesome too!! :D

by Sugarplumz :P; ; Report

thank chuz!! and sorry for the late reply aaaahhh!!!! >_

by iiSparklGutzz; ; Report


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thx for the add! :3

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No problem!!:3

by Sugarplumz :P; ; Report


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TYSM 4 4DD1N9 M3!!!! U S33M S0 K3W1Z!!!!! 1F U 3V3R W4NN4 T41K MY DM'S R 0P3N!!!!!! TY 4G41N!!!! X3

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Thank you! You seem super cool too! :D

by Sugarplumz :P; ; Report


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Thanks for adding me :D

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Ahh thank you for accepting my request!!

by Sugarplumz :P; ; Report