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33/f/Canada/ musician/ make up artist

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Tattoos, tattoo design, piercings, Art, drawing, painting, photography, astronomy, astrology, and stargazing, Writing for Amazon, writing for draft2digital digital, writing and reading, singing, guitar, ukulele and tongue drum, Halloween, Christmas, adult colouring books, vinyl records, CDs, cassettes
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Insane clown posse, twisted, Ouija Mac, Hawaiian music, ABK, Kottonmouth Kings, violent J, shaggy two dope, Risa Cal, gorillas, myself included


Karate kid movies, flight 93/United 93, snakes on a plane, the Eternals, guardians of the galaxy, Green Lantern, Batman movies, the Saul movies were good, Sharknado, Alexander, Troy, 500 or 300 whatever you call it, Aladdin the new remake, the new lion King was pretty damn good.


Cobra Kai, monsters within me, American horror story, the alienist, Penny dreadful, dark crystal, Watership Down, learn exhale, ink master, ink master angels, tattoo nightmares, Murdoch mysteries,


The Silverwing trilogy about bats, the warrior cats, seeker bears, talk to the hand, Arabian nights, worlds most dangerous places, shake hands with the devil, astronomy books and magazines, Stephen King and Lisa Scottline are my favourite authors.


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About me:
Sufi Spraggah bint Mustafa is known as the middle eastern juggalette. Calls her self the muddle eastern lette. She has dealt with hatred and bullying from her school peers for her ptsd and Asperger’s and ethnicities. She is atheist but spiritual. Raps the truth, and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is a ptsd warrior, and Asperger’s girl. She stands up for people with ptsd. She has over come her own ptsd mostly. She does art, and other creative means to help her self out instead of feeling sorry for her self. She lives with friends and hands out with brother. She is a chronic book worm and a writer under the name Wendy wendigo.

“Behind every successful wicked clown lies a pac of haters”
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