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music, modeling, clothing, collecting, tattoos, art, games,etc


--artist //✶Radiohead, ✶yabujin, ✶kurtains, ✶lostrushi, ✶sewerslvt, ✶acid souljah, ✶bladee, ✶ecco2k, ✶dltzk, ✶death grips, ✶wido, ✶pitfall, ✶summrs, ✶loli in early 20s, ✶sellasouls, ✶islurwhenitalk, ✶cartierbear, ✶zootzie, ✶nosgov, ✶cartier god, ✶hi-c, ✶david shawty, ✶mimideath, ✶twerknation28, ✶leory (dltzk), ✶tokyopill, ✶s3rl


✶the matrix/ ✶tomb raider/ ✶resident evil


✶skins/ ✶the amazing world of gumball/ ✶queens gambit/ ✶serial experiments lain/ ✶citrus/ ✶corpse party/ ✶girls last tour/ ✶goblin slayer/ ✶happy sugar life/ ✶magical girl site/ ✶school days


Modern Chess Openings


yung bruh

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✶//Connection Established //HvCFT Blue Dreamer Transmitting... Humans ruin everything. Brothers and Sisters, The Oracle spoke to us, and in her cryptic wisdom she gave us a responsibility both humbling and grave. Though zealots and fools will chide us, we have purpose and conviction. We do not know yet what the Oracle planned, but we owe it to her to uphold her wishes. The dreamers panic. These wired men strike fear into their hearts, and turn their dreams to nightmares. We must work swiftly to ease their troubled minds. Perhaps the two mysterious juggernauts will destroy each other? Or perhaps our intervention will be called for once again? Be alert, brethren, for our real task has yet to begin. Sweet Dreams. //Connection Lost ///✶my playlist
Dear Wright Research, We are committing suicide this evening at the branch office in South Vauxton. We are tired of your company mistreating us and our friends and making our lives horrible, we can not take it anymore! You can take your company with your fake intentions and your fake goals and shove it! We have all known the true purpose of your company all along. Hopefully, the rest of the employees leave you guys as well. Your company isn't worth anything and it's a disgrace. Your company has driven us to suicide since we have no other choice, and no desire to live because of you. I hope your company fails and goes bankrupt and is shown for the “company” that it really is! Thanks for nothing 100 mg of Adderall, a Claritin D, a crisp apple Bang, 3 lines of coke and a vodka redbull on an empty stomach

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