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TEAM FORTRESS TWO MY BELOVED !!!!!!!!!!! i like project sekai as well!! also call of duty, pretty cool game X3 OH YEAH JUST ROLL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the oh hellos is my fav fav FAV band!!!!! !!!!!!!!! i like pretty much anything tbh :3 fav song rn is the ends and the means by robby hecht (the song playing rn!!!)


song of the sea & book of life are my fav movies, i dont really watch movies very much


GRAVITY FALS!!!1!!!!11!!!!1!


trying to get back into reading rn :( will update


danny gonzales & slimecicle, also my mom <3

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About me:

hidey ho!! i'm samuel!!! i go by strawbz online or also you can address my little goober self as riley or basil. i have an undying insescapable obsessive and all encompassing love for art, games, and THE VIRTUAL WORLD!1!!1 that is to say, i like them some amount. as for my irl day to day... i plan on moving to canada when im older to go to college (for psychology btw) :3 im pleased to meat you and id love to be friends!!

ive always been into art, my parents def have pictures of me and my brother as babies covered in paint. i come from a family of artists and it's a no brainer that id be one to!!1! some of my favorite mediums are digital, ceramics, and jewelry work!!

Who I'd like to meet:

any1 who likes my interests or any1 who DOESNT!!!!!!!!! i love meeting new people :D so frq whenevr you want <3 im in us pst so i may not respond for a bit lol

for celebs; julian kostov, jerma, markiplier, astralspiff, matpat, warren kole, jschlatt, grizzlyplaysyt, god i wish i could add more but i dont really have anyone that i want to meet and know it

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