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not so family friendly fun for all ages :3

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danganronpa, undertale, deltarune, earthbound, omori, taxidermy, anthro animals, vampirism, thrift shopping, scenemo, emo, goth/gothic, studying cults, cutecore, doki doki literature club, comedy shows, horror movies, typology, actually deep convos, fatal frame, dont hug me im scared, bracelet making, food, taking personality quizzes, watching tiktok and youtube, talking to friends, going to the mall, shopping for clothes, theme parks, roller-coasters, racing, playing roblox and minecraft, yandere simulator, needy streamer overload, class of 09, youtubers like flamingo, benoftheweek, ducanyounot, jschlatt, etc etc (just that kind of humor), writing


melanie martinez, millionaires, bc13/brokencyde, bo burnham, bauhaus, will wood, s3rl, dot dot curve, ayesha erotica, p!atd, the stupendium, kesha, the living tombstone, kikuo, maretu, my chemcial romance, pierce the veil, falling in reverse, fall out boy, showtunes, breathe carolina, jj demon, jt music, insane clown posse, scotty vanity, toby fox, the cure, penelope scott, attack attack!, the dhmis music, mindless self indulgence, lemon demon, the medic droid, nirvana, alan walker, nightcore music, daycore music, video game ost, classical music, otacore, tally hall, OMFG, avril lavigne, i set my friends on fire, marina, sleeping with sirens, green day, siouxsie and the banshees, alex g, weezer, black veil brides, mitski


stuff by tim burton, the mlp old gen mlp movies, coraline, 101 dalmatians, the princess and the frog, moana, the scream movies, the mask, the saw movies, childs play, not a movie but bo burnhams comedy shows, musical theatre, peter pan, clueless, mean girls, mean girls the musical, hamilton, ride the cyclone, the princess diaries movies, carrie, carrie the musical, frozen one, k-12, the barbie movies, to all the boys ive loved before


mlp up to gen 4 + whatevs gen eg was, monster high, barbie life in the dreamhouse, sabrina the teenage witch, umbrella academy, saiki k, the english dub of ghost stories, madoka, smile precure/glitter force, the danganronpa animes, if undertale was realistic, the pokemon series, gilmore girls, outer banks, anne with an e, the babysitters club, superstore, invader zim, dont hug me im scared, panty and stocking


idr read much but the hunger games series, warrior cats, percy jackson, poetry, my own works, fantasy fiction, realistic fiction, horror, thriller, fanfiction (mainly on ao3 but eh sometimes i read from wattpad), creepypastas cuz some of those are the lengths of books


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About me:


about me !

♡ names︰maya / strawberry / skittle / lime

♡ age︰4teen !!

♡ b-day︰01/03/2010

♡ pronouns︰he/they (also fine with neos !)

♡ personality︰enfp-t, 6w7, sp/so/sx, chaotic neutral

♡ gender︰genderfaunet + xenos <3

♡ sexuality︰abrisexual, only attracted to girls !

♡ love language︰acts of service !!

♡ timezone︰pst (gmt-7)

♡ languages︰american english !

♡ religion︰theistic satanist, spiritual

hihi !! im maya or strawberry and im a 5'1" weirdo lolzies. i have a minor drug problem but im not an addict yet (planning to keep it that way hopefully :3) so idk be ready 4 that? i skip school a lot but im a straight a student cuz my teachers luv me so ill probs be on during skewl hours most days !! anyways yeah erm hope we can be friends if you wanna :D

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Menthol.I taste like Menthol.

I am refreshingly different; some people don't appreciate that. My sharp honesty gets up some people's noses, while others really enjoy it. I am something of an acquired taste. What Flavour Are You?

“ profile heavily inspired by this user !! ৲


my kins in order !

nagito komaeda ( danganronpa )

noelle holiday ( deltarune )

ame-chan ( needy streamer overload )

furina ( genshin impact )

ibuki mioda ( danganronpa )

none of these are my alterhuman kintypes !


dni list !

basic dni criteria

♡ furry and alterhuman antis

♡ blackwashers and whitewashers

♡ "irl yanderes" or abusers

any ages can interact as long as ur not a creep !
Thick Skeleton Skull

Who I'd like to meet:

userboxes !!

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