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horror, petscop, half life, marine biology, robotics, gaming, scp, being transgender


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roland, he/him goth tboy and t4t. im a huge fan of horror, marine biology, robotics, gaming, taxidermy, specimens, malware, and big squishy bears (the guys not the animals) my current interests are petscop, half life, scp, faith: the unholy trinity, and wobbledogs i dont have a dni if i dont like you ill just explode you into bloody viscera (block you)

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no one go away

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You ever hear of doom country?

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dont believe i have. do enlighten me

by Roland; ; Report

I referenced my favorite artist and guilty pleasure in my short film recommendations, but I would say a decent entry point to the style would be The Dead Brothers. They're unlike any other. Sadly, the frontman, whose nickname was ironically "Dead Alain," died suddenly in 2021. I miss him terribly. It's an interesting experience mourning a man whose entire brand was mortality.

Here he is.

by Armastus; ; Report

this seems truly fascinating. i will check it out and tell you how it goes when i do

by Roland; ; Report


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