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"sucking tiddies"

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bisexual (as far as im aware) white gamer girl πŸ’€πŸ’€ i have a shit ton of interests so feel free to msg me abt any of them on here, on discord or any of my socials linked below tho a general warning i might be a bit dry at first since i don't know u very well


alt / indie / rock are listed as my top genres on spotify β€” rn i'm into tiny meat gang, idkhow, and gorillaz off the top of my head


i don't really watch movies, i'm more of a series person but some of my favs are phineas and ferb: into the 2nd dimension, megamind, holes, the addams family, the devil all the time, IT (1 & 2), bo burnham's inside, spider-man: into the spider verse, spider-man: no way home, the nightmare before christmas, howl's moving castle, my neighbor totoro and spirited away


i will watch basically anything however my top list includes jujutsu kaisen, mob psycho, the promised neverland (s1), aggretsuko, death note, cowboy bebop, kakegurui, devilman crybaby, beastars, haikyuu, saiki k, chainsaw man (when it comes out), avatar: the last airbender, gravity falls, the owl house, kipo and the age of wonderbeasts, bee and puppycat, over the garden wall, the umbrella academy, breaking bad, squid game, i am not okay with this, & bbc's sherlock are all i can think of rn


i don't read much either but i like the outsiders and reading fanfics (x readers exclusively)


markiplier. anyway im gonna use this category to list my fav games β€” minecraft, detroit: become human, terraria, night in the woods, roblox, sims 4, fnaf franchise, mario franchise, kirby franchise, legend of zelda franchise, tetris, obey me, tears of themis, mystic messenger, monster prom, disney's twisted wonderland, enstars, resident evil, genshin impact, animal crossing, wandersong, ori and the will of the wisps, slime rancher,, and the first playstation spider-man since i haven't played the second

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🎨 lime or caroline |πŸ’° she/they/he |πŸ‘‘ limesauce#1919

Who I'd like to meet:

ur mom & markiplier. ok actually in all seriousness i would love to have new friends, so u can dm me on here BUT i can't garuantee ill be super fast with responding since you don't get notifications from the site and u have to manually check. however if u want to msg me on any of the socials i have linked ill be much faster w/ replying, it's up to u tho πŸ‘

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Lame Genie - Video Game Music

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Thanks for the add back, hope you enjoy our music!☺🎢

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ur one to talk w ur mentally ill ass

by caroline ❀; ; Report

at least i dont have mommy issues unlike SOMEONE here

by cosmo; ; Report

i think having daddy issues is worse

by caroline ❀; ; Report

are you discriminating against ppl with daddy issues??? expected of someone who is homeofphonic

by cosmo; ; Report

no only u bc u make daddy issues embarrassing for everyone who has them

by caroline ❀; ; Report

well, that is just mean.

by cosmo; ; Report

but it's true and ur not denying jt

by caroline ❀; ; Report

there is a reason for that, and you'll never know what that reason is.

by cosmo; ; Report

me and u both know ur not very open like mf i learned shit abt u i should've already known from ur blogs but i didn't bc u don't SAY THAT SHIT

by caroline ❀; ; Report

umm??? name one time.

by cosmo; ; Report

i didn't know ur fears??? we talk abt fears a fair amount in the gc and i didn't know EITHER of the ones u listed

by caroline ❀; ; Report

ive mentioned the fear of death before. and um, idk ig the arachnophobia could've slipped my mind. but IK we've talked about my fear of death in the gc before.

by cosmo; ; Report

ain't never remember it

by caroline ❀; ; Report

it is not my fault you dont remember.

by cosmo; ; Report

it is bc i say so

by caroline ❀; ; Report

honestly, when you said i hadnt told you smt you should know, i thought it smt more serious.

by cosmo; ; Report

ur awful there are other things i just don't want to type it all out

by caroline ❀; ; Report

dm it to me. i wanna know what i may have neglected to tell you.

by cosmo; ; Report

ion want to rn but maybe if i gain the courage later

by caroline ❀; ; Report

i'll hold you to it if i remember

by cosmo; ; Report